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Long Island Medium

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Network: TLC

A reality series following a medium from New York.

Theresa Caputo is a medium who claims to be able to communicate with the dead. In Long Island Medium, she holds private and group readings for both believers and skeptics.

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Pamela R.
Posted 02/09/17 at 14:10:53

I really hope the show doesn't get cancelled. Look, believe or don't believe. Watching the show has helped me so so very much in my life. I've gone through a lot recently and watching the show helped me through very rough times. I'll always appreciate "Long Island Medium". Real or not real, she gives hope, and she's truly a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside. Let her continue to give hope and peace.
Posted 01/22/17 at 15:32:44

I really miss the Long Iland Medium. We are seniors and this wonderful show gave us hope that we might see our family members again. Are you saying that Sylvia Browne was fake too? We saw her in person, and believe me, she was NOT fake..why do you pick people apart for making others feel better. I believe that if you don't believe in a show..just DONT watch it!!! Leave it for the rest of us who do...
Posted 01/13/17 at 17:51:47

Please dont cancell the long island medium, in all the violence and horror we see on TV we need some upliftinging programing
Pam Lewis
Posted 07/05/15 at 23:27:19

I hope your network has not cancelled the Long Island Medium
show. I have not been able to find it on TLC for months.
She is so funny and yet she has so much wisdom to impart I
really hope it has not been cancelled.Her show helped me get through the first year after my twin died suddenly. Everyone loses loved ones and for some of us she has been an anchor and life saver in many peoples darkest times.How many shows can you say that about?
Posted 04/19/13 at 16:56:15

So TLC will bring back junk like the Amish,YUK!!, and junk like Myrtle Manor YUK YUK and the Hoarders, PUKE, but not Theresa. She may be loud and a bit crazy, but she is more entertaining. The Duggar's should re-think being on your NETWORK, You are really going to the DOGS (bad bad bad) I think I'll stop paying for your channel.
Posted 03/27/13 at 12:19:50

I just got tickets to see Theresa @ the Sac Community center in June..Cant find if her show will be back for season 5. all listings only show season 4...
Linda R.
Posted 05/05/12 at 10:34:15

Love this show, just heard about it a month ago and luckily because of on demand and reruns have been able to catch up. Would love to have a session. How can I book a session?

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