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Mad Love

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Network: CBS

A comedy following a quartet of New Yorkers looking for love.

Ben is a lawyer and hopeless romantic who is working on building a relationship with Kate, the woman of his dreams. Ben's best friend Larry doesn't believe in love, but reluctantly finds he does have a lot in common with Kate's roommate Connie.

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Posted 09/10/13 at 08:32:44

This piece of garbage of a show was a HUGE mistake on CBS's part. They really cancelled a truly great show like Bleep My Dad Says to make room for crap like this? Jason Biggs should just stick to making American Pie movies. Sarah Chalke is one of the most overrated actresses. There is a reason her shows usually end up in the toilet. Tyler Labine and Judy Greer are the only two that made the show worthwhile. And Matt Tarses, as far as creating TV shows, you are NOT your father, Jay. There is a reason this show tanked. It was NOT funny. IT SUCKED!1!
Posted 05/08/12 at 17:56:57

I miss this show; it was a cute couple type show. My husband and I loved it, great characters and storyline. Miss it!!!!
Posted 04/08/12 at 06:21:21

I, too lov(ed) this show. Judy Greer's (awesome)role was the perfect blueprint for romantic cat and mouse. Imiss this show!
Posted 11/10/11 at 13:39:36

Dangit! I rarely get to watch tv but this show I loved. I watched the show online whenever possible and now I am super bummed it's gone!
Posted 11/06/11 at 00:26:02

Great show . I was looking forward to season 2
Posted 09/16/11 at 20:47:43

This was one of my favorite shows! I can't believe it was cancelled.
Posted 09/07/11 at 22:56:03

We loved this show CBS!! Bring it back, or let another network have it! I watched it religiously and know many that did too!
Sylvester Mendez
Posted 08/31/11 at 20:11:25

Funny show Loved it! hope it's picked up again.

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Genre: Comedy

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Sarah Chalke (Kate)
Jason Biggs (Ben)
Judy Greer (Connie)
Tyler Labine (Larry)
Hal Williams (Earl)
Sarah Wright (Tiffany)