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Network: TLC

A reality series focused on the operations at Wooster St. Social Club tattoo studios in New York.

Former Miami Ink star Ami James leaves Florida behind in search of a fresh start in New York City. NY Ink follows the tattoo artist as he risks his money and reputation at his new shop in the Big Apple.

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Posted 09/24/14 at 16:12:31

Posted 09/13/14 at 10:20:54

No offense I love my tats, and will get more. but im tired of reality shows. if i wanted to watch people in a tattoo shop then ill go to 1 and watch it live. I have no desire to watch it on t.v. .
Posted 04/04/13 at 14:13:09

I think Ami is wrong about Jessica he should help her give her a chance at her dream,He is for getting that he wouldn't be were he is 2-day if someone hadn't gave him a chance on his dream.I guess its true once u get ahead or get where u want to be in life u for get where u started from.Ami your not who we thoughr u where.Remeber someone took a chance on u
Posted 11/29/12 at 20:26:08

Its Not cancelled!It airs in 2013 with Ami,Megan,Tommy,and 3 new artists!!!
Posted 03/05/12 at 19:27:00

This sucks!! What is it with networks constantly bringing in new shows, only to cancel them after a short run?? First Lie to Me, then Chicago Code, Miami and LA Ink, now NY Ink!! There should be a rule for a minimum of four seasons for every show.
Posted 03/04/12 at 03:20:33

Thank you know who it's over! Now I just wish the shop would go out of business. Ami is a rip off artist that can't come up with his own ideas so he just steals other people. Good Riddance!!!
Posted 03/02/12 at 15:59:37

I am disappointed that NY Ink has been cancelled....I can understant but when I saw the show it looks like Ami will be staying in NYC but some of the cast has left.....for Chris Torres and his "friends" to egg Robear and the shop was not needed..............I loved watching Miami, LA and NY Ink..............there is a new show on Spike called Ink Masters hosted by Dave Navarro and one of the guys from Miami is almost the finale but think it will be back..........Ami and all the friends at NY Ink.........I will certainly miss you...........Good luck to you all and Peace.....................
Posted 02/29/12 at 10:52:18

TLC says thursday is the series finale
Posted 02/28/12 at 16:39:53

Say it aint so this show is great so many different personalities
Posted 02/26/12 at 10:24:32

I don't understand how it seems like no news is anywhere about the possible series finale of ny ink. I want more since la ink and Miami ink were also cancelled. I need someone to explain something, man.

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