Off the Map

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Jan 12, 2011 - Apr 06, 2011




Drama / Medical


Charlie - Jonathan CastellanosZee - Valerie CruzLily - Caroline DhavernasOtis - Jason Winston GeorgeTommy - Zach GilfordMina - Mamie GummerDr. Keeton - Martin HendersonDr. Clark - Rachelle Lefevre

A medical drama following a group of six doctors searching for reasons that brought each of them to medicine.

Set in a remote South American village, Off the Map follows a group of doctors working at a medical clinic as they delve into what brought them to medicine.

Comments (60)

12/14/11 at 03:40pm

ABC never gave this series a chance to claim an audience. I am really disappointed in this cancellation.
12/09/11 at 11:59am

This really ticks me off. I really loved this program booo to the network for cancelling it.
12/05/11 at 06:36pm

This show should never have been cancelled. ABC is the "king of reality-TV." Unfortunately, this didn't fit that bill. Lose the reality shows and bring back escapism television. That's what TV was supposed to be. We have enough channels that provide reality. Keep the original networks the way they were designed to be--escapism-TV. So sad...
12/01/11 at 02:50pm

Everything about this show was great...except it was pitted against two very established shows in the same time slot! I believe otherwise it would have surpassed expectations.....The storyline, the characters, the scenery!!!! It was all wonderful. It was my favorite program. I looked forward to it every week. What a shame!
11/15/11 at 08:32pm

I can't believe abc has cancelled the best shows of the season. Off the map was my favorite.. No ordinary family second best. These networks are grasping at getting and keeping viewers, and keep the ones nobody watches. Such a dissappointment in abc.
11/01/11 at 11:00pm

I really like this show, I'm completely disappointed that its been cancelled. I swear all that people want to watch now a days are reality tv shows where people are fighting, getting married and even fighting to get married. There are so many reality tv shows now that its become a pollutant to our television system. Its to bad ABC couldn't make there own tread and go outside the norm.
10/21/11 at 08:04pm

I am VERY disappointed "off the Map" has been cancelled.It was my second favorite after No ordinary Family which was my favorite last year. Great acting,and I also enjoyed the medical situations (tremendo!) and it had Spanish spoken which I really enjoyed too.I also was a CBS fan before but came over to ABC because of those two shows.
Corey Brenner
10/16/11 at 05:01pm

Wow,really? what a great show this was great story and acting... keep the stupid shows and get rid of the good ones!!! im pissed!
10/12/11 at 04:43pm

I'm so disappointed! I loved that show. I think they made a mistake with this one.
10/12/11 at 09:13am

that really makes me mad. that was a very good show

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