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Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy

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Network: History

A reality series where Larry the Cable Guy travels America to experience various aspects of its rich heritage.

In "Only in America", Larry the Cable Guy sets out to show viewers that the United States of America is the greatest country on earth. To accomplish this, Larry sets out across the nation and goes off the beaten path in search of people, places, and things that help define the nation's unique history.

In each episode, unique and surprising information will come to light about America's history, with topics such as the story of how moonshine-making and NASCAR are related, a history lesson in etiquette, and panning for gold in the California hills.

Comments (8)

Posted 01/09/14 at 19:17:49

This show is very entertaining, unless your a liberal.
Posted 05/27/13 at 08:27:50

The show is pathetic ! How can people watch this crap ?
Posted 05/19/13 at 23:33:23

Larry is a made up redneck persona that has no place on an educational anything. If you want to see his shtick, go see his shows, dont perpetuate this crap on tv.
Posted 03/15/13 at 22:17:18

When will season 3 be on dvd? And when will season 3 show on tv?
donald l dodson jr
Posted 02/11/13 at 13:56:45

Like show very much educatinal & very funny
Posted 07/16/12 at 10:04:51

Will there be a season 3?
Posted 04/30/12 at 13:32:21

No, the season finished up.
Posted 04/12/12 at 16:15:45

I didnt see a new episode on at 9:00 last night some other show was in its time slot did Only in America get cancelled or something

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Genre: Reality

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