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Paranormal Witness

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Network: Syfy

A docudrama that re-tells stories of paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary series that brings true stories to life about people who have survived paranormal experiences that defy explanation.

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Posted 04/09/17 at 03:20:46

Paranormal Witness Season 7 PLEASE. While you're at it go ahead and throw in seasons 8 thru forever. Thanx
Posted 03/29/17 at 19:58:00

* omg do not be rediculous !!! Please air a new season
I need season 6 to air like yesturday !! Lieght I will
Become depressed without this super awesome
Amazing show that I LOVE more then anything ...
U will be hurting nor upsetting no one if u air a new season but u will put people at risk it u do not air one ... Lol please do the right thing xxo I LOVE PW❤️*
Posted 03/10/17 at 20:32:00

I like paranormal witness put it back on plz
Posted 02/18/17 at 14:59:55

When the new episodes coming back on? Please don't share my mail address or my name
David henderson
Posted 02/06/17 at 11:33:50

Did OR does paranormal witness come on in 2017 or did it get cancelled if it is renewed for 2017 when is it coming back on air
mary hansen
Posted 09/14/16 at 16:45:15

this show is totally awesome and cool plus radical all rolled into one. so please please never cancel I love tis show so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you.
Shane Rene'e
Posted 05/15/15 at 11:36:24

So it says on air but that never seems 2 matter :( can any1 actually tell me wether Paranormal Witness is or is not coming back? &hopefully if so WHEN? this is an awsum show, I luv luv luv it so as w/history more than likely it is or will be cancelled rite? I sooo hope I'm wrong but never fails way over half the shows I enjoy get axed...never fails!!! So sum1 pleaz tell me it's NOT cancelled or just put me outa my misery! any1 who maynot know therz another show (altho it'll probly get cancelled if not already) called "My Haunted House" airs on MLB on Saturday nites, sadly it's not in season ritenow &it's no PA but it's not bad :) 4asking long as it last anyway! who makes thez decisions wether a show stays or goes cauz it's certainly not the viewers! Fingers crossed fellow PW fans, maybe sum1 will actually listen 2us4 a change :)
linda gipson
Posted 01/21/15 at 17:02:01

paranormal witness is the best ive ever seen. im confused, i thought ratings were an important aspect of programing, every time theres something good it gets taken off, and something stupid replaces it with no warning, all of a sudden your looking to watch your favorite show and it gets removed, and your scratching your head as to why??????
Monique Galvez
Posted 01/01/15 at 15:00:10

I miss watching paranormal witness it was a good show can you guys put it back on air ??
Posted 12/31/14 at 00:23:44

I can't see them cancelling this show. It was just announced at the end of Oct. that the show would be back for its 4th season with 13 new episodes. It also says it is the networks 3rd most watched unscripted show in the networks history. That would be the mot insane thing I've ever seen a network do if they cancelled it based on that. It will be back. I'd bet on it.

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