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A docudrama that re-tells stories of paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary series that brings true stories to life about people who have survived paranormal experiences that defy explanation.

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02/15/18 at 10:20am

Paranormal witness, this show needs to come back on. Many people watxh it and it is truly amazing. I am a huge fan.
neil ellis
02/13/18 at 05:02am

please tell the rumours are not true you have cancelled the only decent show you have on SYFY channel all the rest are just pure garbage you would'nt know a good thing if it hit you square in the face.sack the person who suggested it to be cancelled cause clearly he or she cannot do there job proberly
02/10/18 at 11:38am

you have gotta be kidding me! how could you cancel this show! i'm absolutely gob-smacked!! all the crap that syfy air then they go and cancel one of the best tv shows to date & i'm taking about all channels.. wow iv'e just got to applaud for the stupidity of it!..just.. wow.
02/01/18 at 10:13am

Is there going to be a season 6? Love this show!!!!
Jacinda McLeod
02/01/18 at 05:21am

Plz bring Paranormal Witness back!!! Miss it tons!!
Angela Walters
01/22/18 at 03:21pm

Please Bring Paranormal Witness Back I Often Check To See If There Is Any News About An Upcoming Season I Absolutely Love This Show I Really Looked Forward To Wednesday Nights When It Aired Now I Don't Even Really Watch Syfy Anymore I Need This Show Back On
01/22/18 at 00:30am

Paranormal witness is the BEST SHOW EVER!!! Please put it back on ASAP.
Nathaniel Watkins
01/21/18 at 02:16am

Syfy channel you gotta be shitin me?
with all of the useless crap, and I do mean crap that you guys air on this once exciting channel you decide to
cancel an original show like Paranormal Witness.
I don't know who's running things down there but you just lost about 30 thousand viewers if not more.
People loved that show. pretty stupid, way to go to the brainiac who came up with this brilliant idea, If you were working for me your ass would have been terminated.
01/18/18 at 11:20am

Dod Gamnit. I have looked around and it's been a little over a full year since the last episode. THIS stuff is horror-movie grade awesome, really able to give me the chills that ONLY horror movies can give me.
01/15/18 at 09:06pm

How much longer are they going to wait to start a new season??? I have seen NOTHING but awesome reviews! It’s very much in demand. Also, it would be nice if they didn’t tease viewers with, “All new, Paranormal Witness Sunday at 10 PM”. Even on the dvr it says “New” as in-not previously aired. Lies. I’ve seen every episode (more than once). PLEASE GIVE US SONE NEW EPISODES! Longest hiatus ever! #ParanormalWitness #IlovehauntedTVShows

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