Paranormal Witness

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Sep 07, 2011 - Oct 16, 2013






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A docudrama that re-tells stories of paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary series that brings true stories to life about people who have survived paranormal experiences that defy explanation.

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01/25/20 at 11:24am

I'm always hoping they bring this show back. One of my best haunted tv shows to watch. I can't get enough of it. Please air again. I know a lot of fans would agree this is one of the best haunted shows out there.
01/11/20 at 07:12pm

Please bring this show back! Was he only paranormal show that was genuinely frightening and bit corny. Just look through the comments, we want it back!!
John MacDonald
12/02/19 at 05:57pm

Why would they cancel the best show in the genre.?
10/17/19 at 04:54pm

Please bring back paranormal witness I really love this show it seems so real the story's. Are just great. It's the best
Olivia Villarreal
09/22/19 at 02:20am

Please bring back Paranormal Witness! The best show ever! Bests some those other paranormal shows that don’t have the quality that paranormal witness has! Why cancel a show that is so good! The stories scary/quality of the acting is so realistic! I watched your channel because of Paranormal Witness! Totally disappointed!
09/21/19 at 12:23pm

Why would you cancel the most entertaining creepy story show out there?? I have seen other shows that keep hanging around that are no where near the quality production that this show brings.. please consider crowd funding this series if you are not willing to do the right thing for the loyal fans of this show. Have you seen many shows where people demand after a couple of years since it was last aired? I know I haven’t so that’s gotta mean something in terms longevity. Please make this happen and give us scary hour back!!!
Christopher- North Carolina
09/13/19 at 04:54pm

How can you cancel the best paranormal show ever made? I have been watching travel channel paranormal shows for the last couple of years but none of them compare to the quality production of paranormal witness! BRING IT BACK PLEASE!
Jeremy Cole
09/12/19 at 01:08pm

Bring back paranotmal witness!
Molly Kuykendall
09/09/19 at 04:17pm

SUPER DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!! my fall is ruined
09/04/19 at 07:49pm

Extremely good shows paranormal witness and my haunted house. Please consider bringing them back!!!

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