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A docudrama that re-tells stories of paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary series that brings true stories to life about people who have survived paranormal experiences that defy explanation.

Comments (86)

11/28/17 at 04:52pm

Man I really enjoyed PW.good quality TV. Awesome stories! Do not cancel!
11/10/17 at 11:04am

Sorry guys but the show has been canceled
10/22/17 at 08:05pm

My local newspaper's Rob Owens tv column read that it is cancelled but I hoping a different channel like America's Destination will pick it up.
10/14/17 at 05:59pm

Tis the season for Paranormal Witness! Please tell me it's not cancelled!?
Emily Hilliard
10/14/17 at 11:48am

Best paranormal show ever! Please bring back!
Barry A Littleton
10/13/17 at 07:43am

Please please please do not cancel one of the best paranormally focused shows on television! I love entirely the way this show takes a look at all things paranormal and not just ghosts, I've faithfully purchased as seasons in both digital and hard disc formats. I enjoy the shows fresh style and the incredibly well-directed episodes. I further commend the cinematography and the storytelling/ narration, truly~ it would be a great tragedy if this show was not renewed!
10/01/17 at 04:15pm

I know it's super hard for this show to keep up with the premieres of others due to the show wanting only REAL stories so I'll wait as long as they need. Just please don't cancel the show! It's the best one out of all the paranormal shows. It's the only show I'll watch in the dark by myself because I know it will scare me. Especially because I know they're real stories! So please, bring it back.
09/28/17 at 03:20pm

SYFY channel must have cancelled this awesome scariest show on television... it would have been announced by now if there were going to be a season 6.
It's sad that all other competing paranormal docudramas on other cable channels are totally made up stories with actors pretending to be real average people telling these scripted false paranormal stories while much better looking actors reenact it for us...
09/27/17 at 02:37pm

I have not heard anything about a new season. I love Paranormal Witness. At least put out some information about the status of the show. Thank you!
09/26/17 at 06:04pm

There is NO OTHER SHOW even remotely close to PW - very well done and I watch the same episode over several times and still jump with fear when something unexpected happens EVEN WHEN I KNOW! LOL PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US A SEASON 6!!!!! I can imagine it's difficult to put together episodes of this calibre but we need good tv and PW is about the only show worthy of watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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