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Paranormal Witness

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Network: Syfy

A docudrama that re-tells stories of paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary series that brings true stories to life about people who have survived paranormal experiences that defy explanation.

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Posted 08/18/17 at 15:38:46

I've rewatched every episode at least four times. Let's go syfy! GEt moving. The people want this. Thank you and good night.
Tamra nofsinger
Posted 08/15/17 at 15:29:10

Please renew this show for season 6 as it is one of the best paranormal shows ever! I always i make sure i am always home to watch it when it comes on! I know a huge amount of people that watch it too that want it renewed! Thank you!!!
Posted 08/12/17 at 19:57:55

Best paranormal show ever!
Posted 07/24/17 at 16:15:45

I really enjoyed this show. Me and my kids would have family time watching it. Please give us season 6. And put our show back on the air
Posted 07/24/17 at 15:06:43

This show is too good to stop! You need to do us all a solid and make anothrr season, pleassssseeee!!!
Maureen Louwers
Posted 07/16/17 at 09:20:00

Sy-Fy Channel needs to have season 6 of this show! I've watched every episode from day one! Please don't disappoint! This is a well made docu-drama that is solo much fun and scary to watch. So much better then any other paranormal shows out thete!
Daniel dubbs
Posted 07/05/17 at 19:46:19

Please give me more paranormal witness!!! I need it...
Pamela Fullem
Posted 07/04/17 at 13:35:22

Please bring back paranormal witness. I see it is now on in syndication on Destination America, but I have seen all the episodes from the start of season 1. In fact, I have seen them multiple times. Really need my Wednesday night fix of this show. Come on SyFy. Give us another season of a truly terrifying show. The best out there.
Posted 06/25/17 at 05:51:30

I have watch every episode from day one and I want this to come back.. Please bring on season 6!!!! I am so excited I cannot wait.
Kyle W
Posted 06/21/17 at 21:48:33

By far the best show on tv, period...i dont ever miss an episode really hope they come out with season 6. Please i cant wait any longerrrr

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Genre: Reality

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