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Perfect Couples

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Network: NBC

A romantic comedy following three couples at various stages of their relationships.

Vance and Amy are a couple who have a healthy sex life but also fight a lot. Rex and Leigh see themselves as a "perfect couple". Dave and Julia are the "normal" couple that everyone relates to.

While these couples are all different, they face similar problems.

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Posted 01/13/13 at 11:01:32

How did this show even get to the stage of getting funded? those who put this show on air should be fired.
Posted 01/06/13 at 13:27:22

Everyone in the office loved this show and still talk about it. We all get excited when we see the cast on new shows.
Posted 08/30/12 at 05:40:39

Loved this show!! I thought they were going to bring it back this fall. Sick of NBC trying to be like the other cable stations. They have an American Idol spin off, and now a Modern Family spin off, they need to be like the other stations by not canceling all their shows!!
Posted 08/10/12 at 19:29:15

Damit every show the wife and I like gets cancelled.l
Posted 04/18/12 at 13:31:29

I loved this show why did they cancel it!

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Genre: Comedy

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Kyle Bornheimer (Dave)
Christine Woods (Julia)
David Walton (Vance)
Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Amy)
Hayes MacArthur (Rex)
Olivia Munn (Leigh)