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Prime Suspect

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Network: NBC

A crime drama following a tough-as-nails detective who doesn't know when to quit.

A re-imagining of the British television hit, Prime Suspect follows Jane, a rude and reckless, yet brilliant, cop with an uncanny ability to see what others miss.

Jane is an outsider, having just transferred to a new male-dominated precinct full of cops not willing to give her a fighting chance at fitting in. But Jane's ability to get inside a criminal's head like nobody else can gives her an important place on the force.

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Posted 08/19/13 at 16:08:33

Maria Bello was great. I kept hoping Prime Suspect would return, somehow. Instead we have junk reality shows. Is good drama going to disappear altogether!
Posted 05/08/13 at 19:12:24

I agree very good show. Some shows that started same Time still on,and not half as good.I'll take the reruns.
Posted 03/03/13 at 14:07:15

Wish they would bring it back, loved this show.
Posted 02/02/13 at 06:59:27

i think the reason this was canned and why people didn't watch is that it became sooo overdone. once upon a time a tough-as-nails female cop/agent/marshall etc. who can perform not as good as but better than the boy cops etc, was unique. the tough female cop thing has now become cliche.
Posted 01/08/13 at 08:21:03

Loved this show, and think Maria Bello is great. Show had a great cast and stories. It's a shame that public didn't watch. Ratings are being run by and audience that likes to watch garbage shows like(Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, XFactor, etc). You couldn't pay me to watch those shows.
Posted 12/11/12 at 17:22:17

Great show, must have not been politically correct, they carried guns. Great show loved Maria and the crew mix was stabilizing to respect for her. Good action and acting compared to what is selling now on the tube
Posted 10/21/12 at 14:08:45

Can't believe this was cancelled. Love the show!
Posted 10/18/12 at 20:17:52

Loved the writing, the actors and the character development of this show. Sad to see it go.
Posted 10/03/12 at 12:07:20

Watched all this series,loved it even more than our Brit version ,Maria Bello rocked it ,so why shelve it , I am gutted ,please someone bring it back ....
Posted 10/01/12 at 20:52:48

Another decent show cancelled....I have decided this year not to start watching any new shows, no point they will be gone next year. I cancelled most of my cable this summer and gotta say not missing it..........

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Maria Bello (Jane)
Aidan Quinn (Lt. Sweeney)
Brian O'Byrne (Det. Duffy)
Tim Griffin (Det. Blando)
Kirk Acevedo (Det. Calderon)
Joe Nieves (Det. Gautier)
Damon Gupton (Det. Velerio)
Peter Gerety (Desmond)