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A drama following a woman on the run who assumes her twin sister's identity.

Bridget and Siobhan are twin sisters who have been at odds with one another. Siobhan has recently disappeared, and when Bridget finds herself wanted for murder, she takes over her twin's life to escape her own.

However it isn't long before Bridget discovers that her sister's life is just as complicated and dangerous as the life she's trying to leave behind.

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LaQuita Collins
Posted 05/04/16 at 07:46:03

I just discovered this show on Netflix. It's sad to see that it was canceled. It had won awards but still get cancelled that sucks. But the CW has all of those Vampire shows that they can get rid of. Vampires are so over sense the that Twightlight.
Posted 05/08/15 at 13:54:24

Now that "Forever" and "The Crazy Ones" has been cancelled and the actors are available, can CW bring this show back and finish it? PLEASE!!! The ratings weren't bad, they just weren't great. I'll settle for a summer run.
Posted 10/30/13 at 12:51:38

I don't know why they pulled the plug on this show. I was tuning in and watching. It was a very good show and it was nice to see Sarah back on tv since Buffy.
Posted 06/13/13 at 23:19:58

Posted 05/22/13 at 15:34:06

I loved this show. Anything that is good and that people like is always cancelled.
Posted 05/06/13 at 16:04:47

I too have seen Orphan Black and like it. Heard their doing a Veronica Mars movie. Please do a Ringer movie. I would settle for that even though I think it was a mistake to cancel. CW never had high success with any other new shows except Arrow, Ringer was definitely higher ratings than 90210 and Gossip Girl. Please give us something!!
Posted 04/12/13 at 19:31:21

Dwayne Hoobler
Posted 04/12/13 at 13:40:50

If you miss Ringer you should be watching Orphan Black on BBC America. It's what Ringer might have been if anyone involved (especially SMG) had actually cared about making a quality show.
Posted 04/07/13 at 00:15:08

There aren't many shows where I feel that deep anticipation & yearning until the next episode but this was a really fantastic & suspenseful show. I am greatly disappointed.
Posted 04/04/13 at 07:36:07

I do not understand how you could cancell this show, and the way you left us hanging, at least you could of ended it better, it was a great show alot of people I know whated this show. Don't get it, I really wanted to know how it ended.

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Genre: Drama

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Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bridget/Siobhan)
Nestor Carbonell (Victor)
Ioan Gruffudd (Andrew)
Mike Colter (Malcolm)
Tara Summers (Gemma)
Kristoffer Polaha (Henry)