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TV Tidbit: Season 8 of Shameless premieres on Sunday, Nov 5 at 9:00pm.


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Network: Showtime

A drama following a father of six kids and his dysfunctional family.

Frank is an alcoholic father of six children who have been forced to fend for themselves - in ways that aren't always legal.

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Posted 03/09/17 at 07:37:44

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! Been a fan since day 1! I've been binge watching this show on the off seasons. Cant get enough of Shameless!!! Don't ever cancel this show. Best thing ever on TV!!
Posted 08/28/15 at 19:21:17

The best train wreck on television.
Posted 09/13/14 at 10:58:43

Love this show, please do not cancel. Reasons I love it, its funny, its not another show about a perfect family that's always happy and has no problems. I find it to be more realistic (though not all families have an absent alcoholic father, leaving an older sibling to raise the kids) but it shows what life is like for poor working class people. The UK version is not good, but this one has a great cast, and has real life issues that a struggling family might face, that despite it all love each-other and have each-others backs.
Posted 08/25/13 at 12:17:12

love this show, but i miss jane levy as mandy
Posted 06/18/13 at 05:59:38

I Hope Season 4 Is As Good as Seasons 1 & 2 Season 3 Could've Been written Better It really sucked compared to the First 2 seasons.
Posted 03/25/13 at 20:49:15

Fantastically well-written and well-acted show. One of my all time favorites....right up there with Six Feet Under.
Posted 02/05/13 at 00:40:21

I love this show. Like Julie said, best in a long time. Hope it stays as good as season 1 and 2 has been.
Posted 01/30/13 at 17:55:38

Uneducated amusement when nothing is on. I wouldn't miss it.
Posted 09/14/12 at 12:30:08

LOVE this show--gritty and rough--you never know what will happen next to that family. If this gets cancelled, I will never again watch Showtime--no Californication--nothing!
Posted 06/03/12 at 14:49:29

i really enjoyed this one, i think this is better than the uk version imo, hopefully more seasons to come

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Genre: Drama

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William H. Macy (Frank)
Emmy Rossum (Fiona)
Justin Chatwin (Steve)
Ethan Cutkosky (Carl)
Shanola Hampton (Veronica)
Steve Howey (Kev)
Emma Kenney (Debbie)
Cameron Monaghan (Ian)
Jeremy Allen White (Lip)