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A reality series showcasing one of America's most skilled and creative gun works, Red Jacket Firearms.

Sons of Guns follows Red Jacket Firearms owner Will Hayden and his daughter Stephanie. Founded in 1999, the company manufactures and sells custom weapons out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Their primary business is customizing AK-47 rifles, but the team at Red Jacket Firearms also explores aspects of historic and classic weapons.

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Comments (99)

Posted 02/27/14 at 13:50:24

Bill, your just a jerk. Who are you to criticize? You were here aswell... if you were only looking to for someone to pick on then shame on you. Shoemakers huh? That's no easy task in itself but machining custom parts out of blocks of raw metals is more than you'll ever accomplish.
Posted 02/04/14 at 08:42:36

Michael, you are about as intelligent as a box of rocks. Have you ever heard of punctuation of basic grammar? Or did you and "learn'n" never get along. I can't tell what you are trying to say because you're inferior writing and run-on sentences. How about you go back to school and get your GED before worrying about some ridiculous pathetic gun tv show. Red Jacket makes crap guns based off of Rock River's platform. All these fraudulent pricks do is dress up other companies guns. Kind of like the douche bags at OCC. Over-rated shoemaker rednecks is all they really are.
Posted 01/30/14 at 17:55:04

this was a family show the owner of the shop carried about his people those that didn't stabe him in the back every shop started with don't do this at home and that all the people that wanted new gun the most was the either local police or sheiffic or was a dod rep looking for a better weapon I don't know why but this show should be back on with a letter from discover a open appoligy for their action.
Gunner1911 big boy toys
Posted 10/30/13 at 21:49:21

Stinkifinger, stop being a snob. Hate on someone elise. This is good ole boys with big toys. Stop being so jealous it's not very becoming.
Posted 09/18/13 at 16:47:33

Hope it's gone & never comes back. As a combat veteran and a responsible gun owner, this show just feeds into the stereotype that guns are bad and every round will cause a huge explosion. It's reckless, irresponsible, and falsely portrays the brotherhood of the responsible law abiding gun owner.
Furthermore, everyone on the show (Vince & Flem aside) tend to come across as arrogant snobs.
Johnny C
Posted 09/08/13 at 21:03:33

I really enjoy the show but would hate to see Stephanie leave.
Posted 09/05/13 at 21:06:42

hope you don't cancel the show either, I love it and its a very entertaining show, please don't cancel it
John Smith
Posted 08/25/13 at 07:35:43

Hayden is a typical employer, his attitude is that if you work for him, he owns you. You had better live to make him money, or you are nothing. Breathe, eat and sleep his business, enjoy being treated like crap and you could be his slave! Or, be a man, like Vince and leave when you get sick of working for a jerk.
Posted 08/17/13 at 09:33:02

Good to hear the show is canceled. Can't stand it and I have not met a single person who does have a nice life. Farewell and don't come back
carl nixon
Posted 08/14/13 at 06:03:19

I would like for u to build a gun for me?the calber is 18 much will coast tobuild it for me please email me back.
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