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A reality series showcasing one of America's most skilled and creative gun works, Red Jacket Firearms.

Sons of Guns follows Red Jacket Firearms owner Will Hayden and his daughter Stephanie. Founded in 1999, the company manufactures and sells custom weapons out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Their primary business is customizing AK-47 rifles, but the team at Red Jacket Firearms also explores aspects of historic and classic weapons.

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Comments (108)

Posted 08/16/14 at 17:36:58

all this talk of very quaint.there are people in this country who thrive on other peoples misery.just like dont like rednecks,because thier the last group of real americans left.we,re,no good untilits time to go get killed for this nation,or you need something built.this constant attack on southern people is sickning.will seems to be a good man and allyour doing is gaining enjoyment from a nother mans misery.and the whole punctuation thing,proper annunciation combined with good writing skills does not translate into brains consistantly.we see this is the truth by your use for you are a blithering idiotic dont like hillbillies,red necks,working men,gun owners,and southerners in general,thats fine cause we dont like you neither you yankee inbred godless sadomite obamanationloving comunist.maybe your just mad cause will gets to live the life you are to lazy to lead yourself.he will beat this dont like us,and yes i said us,we the workin man,the guy who straps on the work boots,the guysmake this country work,the men who go get killed for this nation,who are not wanted til things go baddont like you eitheryoudirty scum running a mans good name sir are a 100% dyed in the wool ****.
woody hardwick
Posted 08/15/14 at 05:23:44

one has to wonder what they mean by him being accused of crimes against nature...
Posted 08/14/14 at 01:59:31

It looks like the old guy is a major perv.
Rosemary LaPiere
Posted 08/11/14 at 02:24:30

I love the show & everyone in it...I hope it comes back on and continues for many more seasons to come. Seems like a whole lot of jealousy going on throwing insults just reiterates your jealous & malicious intent. I am not hiding behind some screen name...I am proud to say that to everyone on the show hope you come back on you are missed by many...there is always those who are jealous mean spirited and like to kick you when your you all !
Posted 08/04/14 at 09:10:41

Posted 07/11/14 at 16:49:52

The Hayden family is obliviously not up to the task of running a successful show. Redneck trash is right. Chris being the biggest idiot of all screaming about how every build is so cool but couldnt ever finish anything himself. Every talented mechanic they ever had left them so if they cant hold a company together is it a surprise when the show crashes. What they should do is make a show with the real talent which is former employees Vince and Flem.
Posted 06/21/14 at 13:17:35

Personally ,I think I agree with a few of you out there. Straight up rednecks,the son inlaw and daughter ,geeezs first shows she was wearing blue eye shadow,, was has out dated and redneck has you could get,but she did get it right now . But what's with the totally out of shape ugly ass redneck she married ? Pretty girl like her could have done way better . You see last year when he confronted the guy that quit. Omg smoking ,weird looking mouth and dirty ass. Geeezs aren't they schooled how to be able to wear many hats? In other words clean his ass up. Also will is a cocky shit isn't he? Hell everyone else does the ideas and the work. Kinda like OCC and their whole family there . Vinnie dd all the
Posted 06/21/14 at 13:10:03

Not sure ,but it could have sworn only about three,tops four episodes were seen this past few months ?? What's up with that? They get cancelled or what ? They said it was coming back March and it did .but only a few shows?? Anybody with news about that ???
Posted 04/25/14 at 13:11:47

This show is very cool shows detail and safety will is great at gunsmithing his knowledge is fantastic shows how tuff it is to make a reliable and cool firearm
Posted 02/27/14 at 13:50:24

Bill, your just a jerk. Who are you to criticize? You were here aswell... if you were only looking to for someone to pick on then shame on you. Shoemakers huh? That's no easy task in itself but machining custom parts out of blocks of raw metals is more than you'll ever accomplish.
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