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South Beach Tow

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Network: truTV

A "docudrama" set in the world of car repossession.

South Beach Tow is a "docudrama" depicting the world of vehicle repossession. The series follows family-run Tremont Towing and their hardworking crew as they take to the streets and get into unpredictable situations.

Manager Robert runs a tight ship, and over the years has turned the company into a million-dollar business. Helping him out are his son, Robbie Jr., and daughter, Christie. He also has a trio of skilled drivers – Frankie, Eddie and Jerome.

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Comments (176)

joe stich
Posted 04/26/16 at 20:45:08

i loved south beach tow so much its so funny i still look up clips that make me laugh on youtube. the stuff on true tv now just sucks
Posted 04/23/16 at 13:46:23

True tv really bring back south beach tow whole family loves this show and u just took it away pls bring this back your new shows are bad we do not wach them at all also hardcore pawn was verry good as well
Posted 04/19/16 at 18:44:36

If u were on of the people who wanted this show cancelled you at a MOTHER FUDGER
Posted 04/19/16 at 18:43:03

This show was one of my favorites on tru tv and I really miss it and really want it back ......don't see why they cancelled it in the first place
Posted 04/16/16 at 15:52:51

I miss south beach tow it was one of the only reasons I watched tru tv. Bring it back! Berenice was so entertaining so what if it was fake.
Posted 04/12/16 at 18:44:32

I don't think SBT, Lizard Lick or even Hardcore Pawn will be coming back. It is unfortunate but it's because of TruTV's new programming approach. (Which their new shows are crap: Adam ruins everything, Hack my life etc.) I wish they would bring the old shows back.
Posted 04/12/16 at 18:18:08

Wow I kinda figured it was canceled it hasn't been on in two years yes everyone know it was fake but it was the funniest show on true tv wow I really hope they bring it back I miss it sooo much
Posted 04/12/16 at 06:37:30

The show South Beach Tow made me laugh I could not wait till it come on again.The show should get another chance
Posted 04/06/16 at 18:24:45

South Beach Tow doesn't exist. It's still Tremont Towing. The show while fun to watch is totally fake. In real life, every time they run into trouble they (as they should) call the Miami Beach Police for help. While things may have changed, they were limited before to Miami Beach. The father, son & daughter are real. Eddie too. The rest of the cast are either actors or came after I retired & left Miami Beach.
Posted 03/15/16 at 11:48:56

What a fun show, a group of us would get together just to watch south beach tow and we never laughed so much. Yes bernice made the show you could be having a bad day and that show would lift your spirits. Since the show was taken off we don't even watch trutv anymore, there is nothing worth watching. There are alot of people would like to see the show come back...How about it!!

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