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South Beach Tow

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Network: truTV

A "docudrama" set in the world of car repossession.

South Beach Tow is a "docudrama" depicting the world of vehicle repossession. The series follows family-run Tremont Towing and their hardworking crew as they take to the streets and get into unpredictable situations.

Manager Robert runs a tight ship, and over the years has turned the company into a million-dollar business. Helping him out are his son, Robbie Jr., and daughter, Christie. He also has a trio of skilled drivers – Frankie, Eddie and Jerome.

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Comments (157)

Posted 02/05/16 at 13:08:58

I love south Beach tow I don't know what happened to is one of my favorite programs on Tru TV since you took that off also Lizard Lick towing it took off I hardly ever watch to TV anymore you must bring those two programs back specially south Beach tow I really enjoyed you left us hanging at the end with Roni gets 50% of the company and that's all we know and no a follow-up no letting the past and us know that the shows on logo on here and also please bring South Beach back so I can start watching to TV again
Posted 02/05/16 at 11:46:30

Lizard lick and south beach tow both need to be brought back to Tru tv!
Posted 02/02/16 at 17:29:20

I work on the show, and the show is not cancelled we are on hiatus due issue with the cas. WE plan to come back soon.
Posted 02/02/16 at 14:04:45

I saint even watch Trutv anymore I love that show cracks me up especially Bernice..please put it back on air or even show reruns of the show
Posted 01/29/16 at 09:14:07

Bring back SBT it's the best Show on True TV! It's wrong of You to cancel The Show Fans want it back!
Posted 01/27/16 at 00:51:18

Bring back south beach tow I wanna know what happens when Robbie gets 51 percent of the company
Posted 01/24/16 at 19:30:58

How could they just leave it where we'll never find out what happens after Robbie signs over 51% of the company to the scumbag Perez?
Margie Gowdy
Posted 01/21/16 at 18:40:10

You need to bring back South Beach Tow and Lizard Lick. These shows were crazy, I had my son and his friend's watching these shows also.I tell you that Bernice, and Jerome is crazy. I liked Robbie, and the other's also. I don't even watch tru t.v. anymore. The new shows aren't any good.
Anthony bell
Posted 01/18/16 at 22:34:19

Bring back south Beach tow and Lizard Lick towing in hardcore pawn there's no point of Tru TV without them shows
Posted 01/17/16 at 04:17:26

I want to see Bernice!!!!!! I love this show, even my kids tell their friends to be quiet when south beach is on.. what happened to the show?

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