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South Beach Tow

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Network: truTV

A "docudrama" set in the world of car repossession.

South Beach Tow is a "docudrama" depicting the world of vehicle repossession. The series follows family-run Tremont Towing and their hardworking crew as they take to the streets and get into unpredictable situations.

Manager Robert runs a tight ship, and over the years has turned the company into a million-dollar business. Helping him out are his son, Robbie Jr., and daughter, Christie. He also has a trio of skilled drivers – Frankie, Eddie and Jerome.

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Comments (176)

Posted 03/07/16 at 01:01:16

Omg! I just saw a you tube video of South Beach Towing with Berneice then realized oh sugar honey ice tea I used to dvr the series and thought what happened this was one of my first favorite tru tv show that I loved laughed to watch. Please tell me when you bring this back or why it stop airing to began with. Man the whole cast had issues and was soooooooooooo funny. How can to leave your fans having like this... I hope that you were paying them good lol....
Shane Mcabee
Posted 03/06/16 at 10:08:01

Please bring the south beach towing back on,I love the show a lot.Let me know okay.write me back asap okay.Thanks,Shane Mcabee number one fun!!!!
Posted 03/03/16 at 21:25:41

BRING BACK SBT I need my bernice, dave, chriss, rob jr, etc Fix FIX THISTRU TV
Posted 03/02/16 at 11:50:42

Bring the show back
Posted 02/26/16 at 12:09:10

What is the situation concerning South Beach Tow? I cannot find out if the show will be resuming production or not. There are a TON of fans out here who have been waiting for over a year now for new episodes.
mike dobey
Posted 02/14/16 at 12:52:16

this is not cancelled? A show worker says it's not. well it might as well be if they never even tell us what the status of it is. lizard lick is gone for good though. no pickup from cmt even.
Justin ethridge
Posted 02/12/16 at 18:42:49

Please bring back south beach tow
Posted 02/12/16 at 15:45:21

I wish you all will bring South Beach Tow Back on and Lizard Lick. These show was the best that you all had on. Believed it are not I have a 23 year old Autism Daughter Every time she see South Beach Tow. That's the only time I see her be trying to talk. Their know screaming anyone try to talk why the show come on my daughter go to them put her hand on their mouth be trying to tell everyone be quiet. And when she see Bernice knocking people out she laugh so hard. I just love to see my child laugh. So please bring them back
Posted 02/12/16 at 10:59:36

Have not watched Trutv since you took SBT from lineup. One of the best shows out there--or used to be. Don't let down your fans!
Posted 02/05/16 at 13:08:58

I love south Beach tow I don't know what happened to is one of my favorite programs on Tru TV since you took that off also Lizard Lick towing it took off I hardly ever watch to TV anymore you must bring those two programs back specially south Beach tow I really enjoyed you left us hanging at the end with Roni gets 50% of the company and that's all we know and no a follow-up no letting the past and us know that the shows on logo on here and also please bring South Beach back so I can start watching to TV again

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