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South Beach Tow

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Network: truTV

A "docudrama" set in the world of car repossession.

South Beach Tow is a "docudrama" depicting the world of vehicle repossession. The series follows family-run Tremont Towing and their hardworking crew as they take to the streets and get into unpredictable situations.

Manager Robert runs a tight ship, and over the years has turned the company into a million-dollar business. Helping him out are his son, Robbie Jr., and daughter, Christie. He also has a trio of skilled drivers – Frankie, Eddie and Jerome.

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Comments (189)

Posted 05/19/16 at 18:40:28

South beach towing alone was tru TV. Without this show tru TV is not worth watching. It has to return I live for this show Bernice makes my day.
Nicholas Reukauf
Posted 05/16/16 at 18:19:02

This is a very good show and it needs to be put back on along with Lizard Lick Tow. Please. If you Don't I will never watch TruTV again.
Mr Keeping It Realistic Drama
Posted 05/14/16 at 14:52:42

Met a Tow man at Walmart, he worked in South Beach, said the show is phony, it was rigged, none of it real
joe stich
Posted 04/26/16 at 20:45:08

i loved south beach tow so much its so funny i still look up clips that make me laugh on youtube. the stuff on true tv now just sucks
Posted 04/23/16 at 13:46:23

True tv really bring back south beach tow whole family loves this show and u just took it away pls bring this back your new shows are bad we do not wach them at all also hardcore pawn was verry good as well
Posted 04/19/16 at 18:44:36

If u were on of the people who wanted this show cancelled you at a MOTHER FUDGER
Posted 04/19/16 at 18:43:03

This show was one of my favorites on tru tv and I really miss it and really want it back ......don't see why they cancelled it in the first place
Posted 04/16/16 at 15:52:51

I miss south beach tow it was one of the only reasons I watched tru tv. Bring it back! Berenice was so entertaining so what if it was fake.
Posted 04/12/16 at 18:44:32

I don't think SBT, Lizard Lick or even Hardcore Pawn will be coming back. It is unfortunate but it's because of TruTV's new programming approach. (Which their new shows are crap: Adam ruins everything, Hack my life etc.) I wish they would bring the old shows back.
Posted 04/12/16 at 18:18:08

Wow I kinda figured it was canceled it hasn't been on in two years yes everyone know it was fake but it was the funniest show on true tv wow I really hope they bring it back I miss it sooo much

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