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A comedy following a divorced father who moves from New York in order to give his teenage daughter a better life.

George is a single father who simply wants the best for his 16-year-old daughter Tessa. After he finds a box of condoms in her room, he decides to move them out of their apartment in New York to a house in the suburbs.

At first Tessa is against the suburban lifestyle, but soon enough she finds that the move might not have been such a bad thing after all.

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miker l
Posted 11/25/13 at 23:35:17

Ok put me on your payroll ha ha. Show will start Jan15th at 8:30pm. All mid season shows are now listed for start times on ABC web sight. MKL
miker l
Posted 11/25/13 at 23:31:10

I am frustrated when is it coming back. Should have started three months ago. Hello can this web sight find and post the start time. Please. MKL
David Wood
Posted 10/14/13 at 19:59:17

This show is losing steam. Many of the plotlines now seem forced. What once was quirky and oddball has now joined many other shows down the "relationships" road. The only bright spot is Mr. Wolfe. The man lives on his own planet.
Posted 10/02/13 at 14:04:15

When does it start back?
Posted 09/28/13 at 14:16:39

This show is ******* awesome. Enough said
Posted 09/28/13 at 06:38:22

I don't think it was particularly courageous of the lead character, Tessa Altman played by Jane Levy, who is supposed to be an iconoclast, to end up dating the school's alpha male -- even if he is the dumbest jock imaginable. What were the writers thinking?
Posted 03/12/13 at 09:54:18

This show has jumped the shark.
Posted 12/21/12 at 10:18:55

I've been watching this show from it's begining..Love it!! Hope to see it around for a few more yrs. Jane Levy is a wonderful actress (very pretty) too! I am sure we will see her around for yrs to come.
Posted 05/01/12 at 07:23:46

This is a great show. Keeps me laughing week after week. I hope it sticks around.
michael lannen
Posted 04/28/12 at 19:37:28

Just looked at the ratings looks like they kept droping week after week. Confused love the show hope they improve. Nice to see a show that kweeps my interest without violance, a very holsume enjoyeble show, wish it the best hope to see it back.
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Jeremy Sisto (George)
Jane Levy (Tessa)
Carly Chaikin (Dalia)
Allie Grant (Lisa)
Alan Tudyk (Noah)
Cheryl Hines (Dallas)