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Jun 23, 2011 - Present




Comedy / Drama


Harvey - Gabriel MachtMike - Patrick J. AdamasJessica - Gina TorresRachel - Meghan MarkleLouis - Rich HoffmanDonna - Sarah Rafferty

A one-hour dramedy following a talented college dropout who teams with a high-powered lawyer.

Harvey is a top corporate attorney who hires Mike, an unmotivated college dropout who happens to be a genius. Mike's photographic memory has allowed him to pass the bar exam without attending law school. Only one person knows the secret of Harvey's new associate, and that is his secretary, Donna.

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02/13/18 at 00:36am

Love the show. What with the cast changes for the coming year, I feel this will be the last season. The show began and revolved around Harvey and Mike's relationship. Losing Megan Markle and Patrick Adams will change the complete dynamics of the show,
03/04/17 at 02:33pm

Megan Markle [Rachel] and Prince Harry of the [U.K.] are members of the Clinton Foundation, and have made many flights to sex offender Ron Epsteins' Orgy Island on Ron "Frack One" with Bill Clinton, they are to be married soon, how will this effect the show?
03/03/17 at 08:22am

That was an excellent season 6 finale! Only thing I didn't like was how they left it with Louis. Hoping season 7 gives his character some uplifting news. Excited to where they all go from here.
03/02/17 at 12:02pm

Love the Show! Look forward to each and every episode. Lots of excellent acting.
09/17/16 at 10:11pm

This show has gone downhill since season 2. The acting is marginal and the show mostly seems to be a vessel to repeatedly say "bullshit" and "god damn" repeatedly, even when it dowsnt seem to fit in the sentence.
09/04/16 at 00:40am

Nice to see Donna listed to the cast. She is a much valued member to this series. Happy to see it has been renewed for a season7. MKL&ML
02/11/16 at 04:27am

I have to say these last 2 episodes - have awesome - the story line is so great 😀!! Can't see the remaining 4 for the season.. Let's get this renewed for season 7 & 8😇. Love these characters Mike, Harvey, Donna, Jessica,Lewis👍👍👍
Uncle Dickie
09/07/15 at 09:31am

Best show on the box!! I am mystified every season by the unwillingness of the USA Network to release the schedule date for the second part of the season. I suspect it will be some time in January 2016. I also expect that the final six episodes will include Harvey and Donna finally recognizing reality. Gotta happen sometime! AND - Why don't they expand this marvelous program to a full season of 24 episodes?
08/31/15 at 08:31pm

Really awesome show to watch suits is great love to watch
05/25/14 at 00:58am

Now Mike is going against Harvey and he'll eventually have to be take down for being a fraud .The series can only take you so far and then it'll eventually run out of interest in episodes to run.It makes sense that this would be the last season, it's on rod my favorite shows.I'd much rather have it go out with a bang, than with a whimper..

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