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Food. Life. Fun.

The Chew is a daily talk show focused on topics related to food and lifestyle.

Hosts include Mario Batali and Michael Symon of Iron Chef America, Carla Hall of Top Chef, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and Daphne Oz, daughter of well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz.

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Comments (166)

Posted 06/27/17 at 10:37:07

ABC is canceling The Chew, due to low ratings. Daytime Viewers want something to watch. ABC is bringing All My Children back in its rightful place. The Chew is not working for ABC, The Chew is not making ABC profit, they need something profitable.
Liz peters
Posted 06/26/17 at 14:17:35

I love the chew. I do not love the opinionated pocs whiopie and behard. Keep up the good work. I wayvh the chew shark tank 20 20.
Liz peters
Posted 05/01/17 at 14:27:34

I would never cook the foods The Chew shares with their audience, their recipes are all unhealthy, they act so stupid on the show like children when they are suppose to be grown adults. The Chew sucks, ABC sucks for continuing this crapfest. Obesity will occur if you follow this show, they should be arrested for making people fat.
Posted 05/01/17 at 14:24:05

Theres nothing real about The Chew, plus many watch daytime to get away from all the stupid real life crap. The Chew is pure trash, anyone who watches it, is stupid. Ridiculous if you have to watch a show to learn to cook.
Lisa Kinney
Posted 04/15/17 at 21:52:36

I love this show they are energetic and fun. Love the foods. For them I can actually cook good food. Forget about the soaps, it's pretty much about drama. The Chew is real life without drama.
Posted 03/22/17 at 10:19:28

No one likes The Spew. Those who say they do are liars. They work for ABC, they wouldn't get so defensive if they didn't work for ABC, got to defend ABC's baby, just wish The Spew would choke.
Posted 03/21/17 at 15:12:44

Mario and Clinton supporting Trump? Are they that stupid? Oh wait yes they are, they act so stupid and childish on The Chew, the reason why I stopped watching. It wouldn't be no loss if the Chew is canceled, I'm sure there is something decent to replace it.
Posted 03/21/17 at 15:09:33

Rosemary, people can talk politics if they want, its pretty bad if you support Trump but its pretty stupid if you support this crap that is ruining ABC. Cancel The Chew its a disease.
Posted 03/13/17 at 08:07:59

I love the chew good info marionette and humor at the same time
Leave the political thoughts out of it there are some people on t hat show that supports trump and some that won't let trump in there restaurant but whatever it should not be about politic
Posted 02/21/17 at 17:45:57

Mario and Clinton are Trump supporters, goodbye The Chew.

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