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Food. Life. Fun.

The Chew is a daily talk show focused on topics related to food and lifestyle.

Hosts include Mario Batali and Michael Symon of Iron Chef America, Carla Hall of Top Chef, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and Daphne Oz, daughter of well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz.

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Kathy Johnson
02/20/18 at 08:56pm

I really enjoy watching the show. I get laughter and learn different recipes from Carla Clinton and Michael. Thumbs up Michael. I miss Mario everyone makes mistakes but all should be forgiven deep down I believe he is a good person.
Bonnie Wetmore
02/19/18 at 03:50pm

I enjoy watching the Chew. I hope it is not cancelled. I enjoy the three hosts immensely. I love what they cook. Please leave it on.
Real Chef
02/05/18 at 10:25am

This is not by any means a cooking show. Please get rid of this nauseating glibfest.
12/16/17 at 05:39pm

I don't understand why ABC thinks The Spew is a daytime series to begin with? ITS NOT. It belongs on primetime or even in the evenings, they should cancel Entertainment Tonight and put The Chew in its place. The Chew just doesn't belong on daytime.
12/16/17 at 10:06am

I don't know if its true or not, but heard ABC is canceling The Chew. I hope so.
12/14/17 at 05:55pm

I agree, I don't understand why ABC is keeping a show around that supported a sex offender? They knew Mario was a predator years ago and did nothing, The Chew crew knew too, they all should be fired. CANCEL THE CHEW.
12/14/17 at 05:46pm

Supporting The Chew for supporting a sick individual such as Mario would be like supporting the current sick in the head President. Those who are asking for The Chew to continue and for Mario to get his job back are also the same supporters who is OK for Trump to be POTUS. Trump supporters are not right in the head, the same goes for those who want Batali back and will continue you watch this dreadful show who supports abuse towards other, no thank you a cancelation is the only answer, The Chew should be pulled now.
12/14/17 at 03:29pm

The sick pervert has been fired. ABC confirmed it.
12/14/17 at 08:12am

Wow you really have to be sick in the head to defend a show that supports a sexual offender, Chew watchers are asking Mario to return and the charges to be dropped. What is wrong with those people think that a disgusting pervert should keep his job? GROSS. Those people are probably sex offenders themselves. If ABC rehires Mario I'm done watching the network.
12/13/17 at 12:59pm

I'm out at watching ABC completely, gave them another chance after they wrongfully canceled AMC and OLTL, never watched this show, I however watched Once Upon A Time and Agents of Shield, the rest of ABC's lineup is nothing but crap anyway, but with Mario confessing he did those things I'm done watching the network, goodbye ABC.

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