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Food. Life. Fun.

The Chew is a daily talk show focused on topics related to food and lifestyle.

Hosts include Mario Batali and Michael Symon of Iron Chef America, Carla Hall of Top Chef, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and Daphne Oz, daughter of well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz.

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11/16/17 at 02:50pm

Anyone who watches and calls this show entertaining needs to look up the word entertaining, this show is nothing near entertaining, the hosts act so dumb when their cooking. This series is why so many of us have health issues such as high chloresterol, their recipes not only look like something from a sewer pond but also is the unhealthiest I have ever seen, who watches this trailer trash?
10/07/17 at 03:37pm

ABC is nuts if they think Carla, Michael, and Clinton can carry this show on. Daphne quit because she was the smartest of the bunch. Mario why is he even be paid? He is never on, oh wait I don't blame him for not wanting to be on with Clinton, that man is so annoying, acts like its his show, I thought Mario was the main host, and Michael's laugh is so stupid, glad I stopped watching, I hope they fall in ratings, and get canceled.
09/26/17 at 07:53am

How is this show going on a 7th season is beyond me, its the worst Daytime Series ever to be broadcasted on network television. It should never got a second season renewal. Idiots must watch this crap, oh wait the same idiots probably watch The Gong Show as well, another stupid show airing on ABC, when will ABC come out with something good to watch?
09/06/17 at 02:29pm

It doesn't matter anyway, Disney wants to get rid of ABC, The Chew will not last decades, it will be canceled soon.
08/29/17 at 10:55am

The Chew was good show in the beginning but needs a fresher cast. Daphne contributed the least and Mario absent a lot too. All food channels and stations have gotten so unhealthy and expensive to make the meals.
08/25/17 at 12:06pm

How can anyone like this show? Stupid show.
Ben Sherwood
08/24/17 at 10:52am

We are only keeping The Chew because its a cheap product, and we at this time have no replacement plans because we can not find anything to replace it with, sadly the show has no ratings that we expected, we thought maybe 10 million viewers, but never seen even 4 million, we are disappointed in The Chew.
08/14/17 at 01:48pm

Chew watchers are delusional, this crapfest is not the best show on network television, its the dumbest and most irratating show, go buy a cookbook. You people probably voted for dumbass Trump too because your so stupid. You most likely watch those trashy Bachelor shows because you think they are real, their not its fake, just like The Chew FAKE AS HELL.
08/13/17 at 04:50pm

Whoever watches this has no intelligence at all. This is gotta be the lamest and dumbest cooking series I ever seen in my 26 years of watching cooking type shows, first off who smart idea thought it would be OK to have five hosts host a cooking show all at once, dumb idea. Secondly this is a talk show, that is all they do is talk, talk,talk,talk nonstop. The crowd looks bored to death, do they pay those people to sit in there to stare at the walls, lol. Thirdly the food looks unappetizing and looks like something found in a toilet dish, Martha Stuart is probably laughing her ass off, can not believe this whatever you want to call it is still on the air after what six years? Crazy insane people who sit on their fats asses living off wealth care watch this crap or something?
08/11/17 at 03:47pm

This show is still on?, ABC still has no clue what their doing with their lineup. Make ABC Daytime Great Again. Get rid this smelly show, make Mario take a bath, stop having Michael laughing at himself, Carla can I say Ugly.

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