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Food. Life. Fun.

The Chew is a daily talk show focused on topics related to food and lifestyle.

Hosts include Mario Batali and Michael Symon of Iron Chef America, Carla Hall of Top Chef, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and Daphne Oz, daughter of well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz.

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05/11/18 at 08:08pm

Wake the hell up ABC. You just cancelled more of your shows, 20 this season alone, those who defend this show are not very brilliant at all, they don't realize this show is bringing ABC down in ratings, The Chew is the reason why Designated Survivor, Quantico, and countless others were just cancelled, continue to air this toxic of a show and more shows will get cancelled, The Chew is a TV Serial Killer, The Chew is rubbish and not entertaining at all, the show is stupid, Clinton, Michael and Carla are idiots, they are beyond stupid. Cancel The Chew, it's the worse daytime show in TV history. It belongs in the TV graveyard, it simply is not a good show, they still burn their food I hear, also they cause obesity.
05/11/18 at 04:44pm

The Chew has seen better days, admittedly. They seriously need to replace Daphne and Mario. However, it is still entertaining and I enjoy the recipes and cooking demos. Jackie would be an excellent replacement for Daphne. Maybe they could get a guest chef to be on each week to replace Mario.. Clinton really could do some What Not to Wear type makeovers on viewers...perhaps on people who are going to host a party....he could make over the viewer's clothes, give party planning help, etc. Breathe life into this show, please. I don't want to see it cancelled.
05/01/18 at 12:41pm

not losing ABC that would mean no Kimmel and that cannot happen..
04/19/18 at 04:18pm

Food Network should take The Chew in, it would get a whole lot better ratings. ABC keeps losing viewers, I give 2 years and ABC will go off the air completely.
04/19/18 at 12:30pm

On a side note I will never watch The Spew, not on ABC, not on CBS, Not on NBC, Not On Fox, Not On CW, or Not even on Food Network, because its GARBAGE.
04/19/18 at 12:26pm

Rachel that's a great idea, ABC should start charging Chew watchers $5.00 per episode to watch The Chew, after all it is a cable show.
04/09/18 at 09:31am

ABC really needs to cut their losses, The View stinks and The Chew sucks, both shows should be canceled. Only viewers with bad taste in shows watch those two pathetic shows. I bet Republicans watch them, we already know how stupid Repukes are. Bad taste in TV shows, and bad taste when voting for a President, how is it with Dickweed Trump? Has he made ya rich yet? How you like your imaginary tax cuts? How you like the imaginary wall that will never be built? Too bad we couldn't put a wall around The Chew and make Chew watchers pay for it. LOL.
04/03/18 at 04:24pm

Screw The Spew, screw the hosts, their not real chefs, The Chew is fake. This is not Real. It's a fake cooking talk show with dumb actors who wish they were some bodies.
04/03/18 at 04:19pm

Seriously Kathy Johnson? He's a pervert, he admitted it. I don't expect more to come from some dumb down person that watches this garbage, that's bad enough people watch this crap but to defend a sex offender is even stupider. This crapfest along with The View both need to go off the air, both shows are stupid with dumb hosts ABCs worse shows. Enough is enough cancel THE CHEW.
Kathy Johnson
02/20/18 at 08:56pm

I really enjoy watching the show. I get laughter and learn different recipes from Carla Clinton and Michael. Thumbs up Michael. I miss Mario everyone makes mistakes but all should be forgiven deep down I believe he is a good person.

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