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Network: ABC

Food. Life. Fun.

The Chew is a daily talk show focused on topics related to food and lifestyle.

Hosts include Mario Batali and Michael Symon of Iron Chef America, Carla Hall of Top Chef, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and Daphne Oz, daughter of well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz.

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Comments (149)

Posted 09/08/16 at 15:17:54

I stopped watching ABC because of this show. Keep your reality crap on primetime. Reality tv doesn't belong on Daytime. Cancel The Chew please.
Posted 09/08/16 at 08:57:00

On a sidenote, most of The Chew's facebook likes are fake. There's websites you can use to make your page look like it has more likes than actually do. The Chew uses these websites. They have 1.5 million likes, 1 million of those likes are most likely fake from those websites.
Posted 09/08/16 at 08:52:53

Wake up ABC....
The Revolution- cancelled
Good Afternoon America- cancelled
Katie- cancelled
Fablife- cancelled
Daytime fans don't want these information shows that's including The Chew, the Chew has no ratings, its a lie that 2 million are watching this garbage. GMA has cooking segments stick to them, The Chew is not neccessary especially on Daytime where it doesn't belong.
Posted 09/07/16 at 05:11:48

I laugh at those who believe this s*it will last 40 years. Mario will be dead way before that from obesity. Wake up you stupid Chew watchers, The Chew will NEVER outlast the soap opera genre.
Posted 09/06/16 at 06:06:58

This show is disgusting, it makes people fat. I bet the people commenting that love the show are 300-500 lbs lazy people who get food stamps each month and spends it on pop and doughnuts. Look at Mario he's fat and on food stamps. Disgusting.
Posted 09/01/16 at 06:30:48

Dottie is an idiot, favorite show on TV? What are you on, crack?
Posted 09/01/16 at 06:28:40

Dumbest show in America.
Posted 08/30/16 at 13:29:23

With ABC allowing Ryan Lochte on DWTS, I am done with DWTS and ABC, its bad enough they keep renewing this shitty cook show, ABC has lost its minds with keeping this crap on air. Those who like The Chew hate soap operas, they don't like The Chew, they only want soaps to stay off, because their jealous of soap stars. Mario is the unhealthiest guy I have ever seen. Clinton Kelly is a Trump supporter. Screw ABC.
Posted 08/30/16 at 13:24:59

Only idiots who can't cook watch and love this idiotic show. Get rid of this piece of crap along with The View, The Bachelor shows and Dancing With The Stars. ABC has the dumbest shows, should be called " The Stupid Channel"
Posted 08/17/16 at 12:05:17

I hope its true The Chew been cancelled. It has lived out its days on daytime.

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