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The Exes

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Network: TVLand

A comedy following three divorced men who live together in an apartment across from their divorce attorney.

Holly is a divorce attorney who introduces one of her newly single clients to two other bachelors. The three guys share an apartment together across from Holly, who is also the building's landlord.

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Posted 09/10/15 at 17:20:24

This is a very funny show DoNot cancel this show PLEASE I laugh so hard I cry the cast is GREAT.
Laurie B
Posted 09/09/15 at 19:00:15

Very funny show! Funnier than many other comedies on TV.
Please reconsider bringing it back! Great ensemble cast. One of the few shows we actually laugh out loud to! Sorry to hear it got cancelled.
Posted 09/02/15 at 19:11:59

I love this show. Holly and Eden are my favorites. They are so funny together. I'm sad it got cancelled.
Posted 07/01/14 at 19:23:57

Funny show, love it!!.. Please keep Leah Remini, she is so funny..
Posted 03/27/14 at 21:08:03

Love this show! Great cast.
Posted 01/27/13 at 21:20:10

I watched Season 1 on Netflix - this is pretty funny.. (though the episode descriotion on Netflix did not match the majority of episodes - I have never seen that before) ... oh well - its still funny!

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Genre: Comedy

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4.5  Avg User Rating
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Donald Faison (Phil)
Wayne Knight (Haskell)
Kristen Johnston (Holly)
David Alan Basche (Stuart)
Kelly Stables (Eden)