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Network: NBC

A reality singing competition.

Following the format of the original "The Voice of Holland" show in The Netherlands, the American version is simply called "The Voice".

During the course of the season, singers compete in front of a panel of judges in hopes of eventually being crowned the winner of a $100,000 grand prize and a record deal with Universal Republic.

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dwain james
Posted 05/09/15 at 10:22:10

this year the voice is just ok blakes only contestant is a favorite because she traveled and opened with him on his concerts that's why he gave her better comments than the other two he had it is a rigged deal if that girl wins the show he didn't even pick her and then pharrell got rid of her so blake could save her yeah right that is the most fake girl in the competition
Posted 09/10/14 at 23:42:03

I was just commenting on reality shows which I'm not really into but from the 1st time I saw the "Voice"...I knew it would be a great show. My main reason for liking it is because the judges have to base their decisions on the person's voice...not on what they look like. I think it was Idol that had a woman on it that was older and a little rough around the edges. You could see the "Oh,God!" look on the judges faces before she even began to sing! Then, when she began to sing, out came the most beautiful Scottish voice you could ever imagine hearing. A true songbird! She came from a very remote part of Scotland & was very shy & lacked self-confidence. I think she almost decided to not continue but one of the judges I think talked to her & she decided to stay in the contest. I can't remember if she won but I do know that they helped her with her appearance & she went on to record an album or two & went on talk shows & came out of her shell.
Cheers to the "Voice" a show that is really out to find talent...before they ever see the person's face.
There is one thing that the "Voice" could do better & that is to do less clowning around with each other & focus even more attention on the contestants.
Sharon Cetnar
Posted 05/10/13 at 18:13:06

I really like this show. It is way better than Idol and the coaches are really good !!
Posted 08/12/12 at 15:12:16

Loved the first season of this show, when it was actually about the competition and the people singing. The second season however was pathetic; it degenerated into a free-for-all about Christina and Adam trying to annoy each other, at the expense of the contestants. If the third season continues with this theme, I'll be tuning out permanently.

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