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Traffic Light

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Network: Fox

A comedy following three best friends in their thirties.

Thirty-somethings Mike, Adam, and Ethan have all been best friends since college but are now each at a different stage of their life. Traffic Light follows their misadventures as they attempt to balance their need for freedom with their own romantic relationships.

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Posted 09/25/12 at 08:56:43

Such a loss!! Finally a sitcom with adult couples without having that Friends vibe.... and now it's gone. This could've been great.
Posted 08/30/12 at 20:42:17

Come on Snooty FOX , Traffic Light was brilliant.
Nothing good on TV at the moment.

Posted 03/28/12 at 19:13:56

Aaaaagh! I was wondering what happened to this show. I LOVED it! FOX, stop #@$%ing up! Why do you keep cancelling really funny and clever shows?!!
Posted 03/09/12 at 10:50:33

LOVED this show. DEAR FOX, stop cancelling the good shows!!!
Posted 12/08/11 at 09:04:06

I don't think Fox ever really gave this show a shot. I'd never even heard of the show until I discovered it on Hulu months after it had already been canceled. Did they even advertise the show at all?
Posted 12/05/11 at 19:55:44

Very mad every show I like gets cancelled. This was a great show and I would like to meet the bonebag that cancelled it.
Posted 09/25/11 at 06:45:10

I'm so disappointed that Traffic Light was cancelled. I thought it was a great show.

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Genre: Comedy

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Aya Cash (Callie)
David Denman (Mike)
Nelson Franklin (Adam)
Liza Lapira (Lisa)
Kris Marshall (Ethan)