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A drama following a former New York detective who suffers from a medical condition that enables her to remember everything.

Former police detective Carrie Wells has a rare medical condition that enhances her ability to remember so much that every occurrence, every conversation, every place is forever embedded in her mind. She doesn't choose what to remember; Her mind won't let her forget anything - with one exception. Carrie's sister was murdered years ago, except she can't recall any of the details that would help to solve it.

After taking a job consulting on a homicide investigation, she decides to permanently join the force again as a detective solving homicides - with the goal of finally solving her sister's murder. All she has to do is remember.

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Posted 08/03/16 at 08:20:45

Really like this one and would like to see more like this.
Posted 05/29/16 at 09:26:13

Another well-performed show lost.
Posted 04/17/16 at 20:35:20

Please bring it back. I miss shows with intelligent themes and dialog. Can't stand reality.
Posted 03/15/16 at 15:50:42

I am so tired of GREAT shows being cancelled! The only shows that are coming out now are reality shows or shows that show sex drugs and stupidity! Why is it ALL the GREAT shows are being cancelled? I am about to cancel T.V and just watch Netflix!
Posted 02/20/16 at 12:37:00

Unforgettable is a great show and seeing it cancelled for the third time breaks my heart, But also if they cancel it and bring it back again i am going to get pissed. i am so sick and tired of watching a season of the show and then hearing its cancelled and then it ends up back on,
Posted 02/17/16 at 15:16:36

This is well past a joke now. This show keeps getting cancelled after every season. Then renewed again. The TV companies need to make up there mind. Do they want it or not. Grow a set and cancel that reality TV BS and leave good shows alone. Who really cares what people have for there breakfast dinner and lunch. Or what they fall out over. Got your TV sorted.
Posted 02/17/16 at 11:30:33

Not surprised it was cancelled. Just did not like this season and had stopped watching it a few episodes ago.
I loved the first season, liked the 2nd and 3rd, but this one, nope.
Posted 01/29/16 at 19:19:49

Wow, what a finale. Can't wait for season 5. Hope Al is ok!
Posted 01/29/16 at 13:08:01

"Unforgettable" fourth episode on Jan 22. I cannot wait for the next episode.
Posted 01/26/16 at 21:34:28

The production values on this show since A&E took it over are absolutely outstanding. It's gone from it's previous two dimensions when it was on CBS, which is why it wasn't doing well there, to 6 dimensions here at A&E.
The writing, the direction....this show has blossomed into a really good series. I'm enjoying it here on A&E so much more than I was on CBS. It's just got tons more depth.
I certainly hope these 4 episodes aired on the same day isn't a indication the show is going to be cancelled, but this is usually what happens when a show is getting bad ratings--sometimes the networks will dump all the remaining shows on one night to get it out of inventory and then cancel it.
However, the ratings for this show aren't bad, hovering around 1 and I've seen shows on the big networks keep a show with those kind of ratings, so who knows? We'll just have to wait and see.
At the very least, this website will have the latest on Unforgettable as soon as it comes out.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Poppy Montgomery (Carrie)
Dylan Walsh (Al)
Michael Gaston (Mike)
Kevin Rankin (Roe)
Daya Vaidya (Nina)