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A drama following a former New York detective who suffers from a medical condition that enables her to remember everything.

Former police detective Carrie Wells has a rare medical condition that enhances her ability to remember so much that every occurrence, every conversation, every place is forever embedded in her mind. She doesn't choose what to remember; Her mind won't let her forget anything - with one exception. Carrie's sister was murdered years ago, except she can't recall any of the details that would help to solve it.

After taking a job consulting on a homicide investigation, she decides to permanently join the force again as a detective solving homicides - with the goal of finally solving her sister's murder. All she has to do is remember.

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Posted 01/29/16 at 19:19:49

Wow, what a finale. Can't wait for season 5. Hope Al is ok!
Posted 01/29/16 at 13:08:01

"Unforgettable" fourth episode on Jan 22. I cannot wait for the next episode.
Posted 01/26/16 at 21:34:28

The production values on this show since A&E took it over are absolutely outstanding. It's gone from it's previous two dimensions when it was on CBS, which is why it wasn't doing well there, to 6 dimensions here at A&E.
The writing, the direction....this show has blossomed into a really good series. I'm enjoying it here on A&E so much more than I was on CBS. It's just got tons more depth.
I certainly hope these 4 episodes aired on the same day isn't a indication the show is going to be cancelled, but this is usually what happens when a show is getting bad ratings--sometimes the networks will dump all the remaining shows on one night to get it out of inventory and then cancel it.
However, the ratings for this show aren't bad, hovering around 1 and I've seen shows on the big networks keep a show with those kind of ratings, so who knows? We'll just have to wait and see.
At the very least, this website will have the latest on Unforgettable as soon as it comes out.
Posted 01/25/16 at 15:36:00

Why did they air 4 straight NEW episodes on Friday? Did they air what they had left in preparation to cancel it?
Posted 01/23/16 at 10:58:55

I am thankful that A&E brought unforgettable. Please keep it going I LOVE THE SHOW
Posted 01/09/16 at 17:25:23

I am soooo DELIGHTED that A & E had the good sense to pick up this wonderful show! Clearly CBS doesn't realize what quality programming is! Aside from this VERY obvious fact, they clearly don't give a hoot about their viewing audience either, who I feel made clear and consistent pleas to the network to NOT cancel UNFORGETTABLE. So I've chosen to take their same attitude and direct it towards them. CBS is noW deleted off my playlists AND my remote.
Posted 11/29/15 at 19:33:45

WOW did not know A&E picked it up. Just discovered it surfing the net. Glad A&E had the sense to add this show to their schedule. I know I am talking to the wind when I say this but Stalker had better ratings than CI cyber was on the same network and got canceled. Still have small hope of it being brought back KL&ML
Julie koz
Posted 10/08/15 at 19:10:49

I'm so glad this has been picked up by A&E.
Love Poppy,and this is an ability a few people have,so not a psychic or comic character show.
Posted 05/02/15 at 17:56:08

I'm sick of watching & getting involved with CBS!! Julie Chen has her husband by the cajones & "rules what "she likes-stupid unrealistic stuff-her summer retreat "house Guest" or whatever it is a person cannot escape from. Anyone who is on a show on CBS must play by Julie Chen' rules or they'll be terminated or cancelled. Believe Julie, not everyone like you, the "tolerate you because they have no choice in order to keep their jobs or program!! The Talk-so stupid!! ** We've now done a terrific switch between NBC & "TERRIFIC NETFLIX-NO COMMERCIALS & NO JULIE CHEN"!! JULIE, WHY DON'T YOU BE A "MOM" TO YOUR & CBS CHEATING WITH YOU HUSBANDS' CHILD...YOU'RE A REAL PLAYER, GIRL, ACTUALLY YOU HAVE NO TALENT!! GET RID OF JULIE CHEN & HER FLAKY CBS HUSBAND!!
Posted 01/24/15 at 16:22:18

watching you cancel good shows and keeping bad ones. maybe it time you cancelled who ever is making these decisions. because they don`t listen to viewers

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Poppy Montgomery (Carrie)
Dylan Walsh (Al)
Michael Gaston (Mike)
Kevin Rankin (Roe)
Daya Vaidya (Nina)