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A drama following a former New York detective who suffers from a medical condition that enables her to remember everything.

Former police detective Carrie Wells has a rare medical condition that enhances her ability to remember so much that every occurrence, every conversation, every place is forever embedded in her mind. She doesn't choose what to remember; Her mind won't let her forget anything - with one exception. Carrie's sister was murdered years ago, except she can't recall any of the details that would help to solve it.

After taking a job consulting on a homicide investigation, she decides to permanently join the force again as a detective solving homicides - with the goal of finally solving her sister's murder. All she has to do is remember.

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kay dixon
Posted 11/08/14 at 16:50:27

love this show
Posted 10/14/14 at 16:12:48

I am not going to watch cbs anymore they keep cancelling shows that I enjoy and I really don't watch that much tv.
Like the rest I am really tired of getting hooked on a show only for it to get cancelled.
Posted 10/13/14 at 23:23:07

I agree with Pam. CBS isn't the only network killing series that are/were popular enough to keep.
Maybe one of the cable networks will pick it up? We can only hope!
Posted 10/12/14 at 06:56:08

I am getting so pissed that you KEEP cancelling good shows to bring new stupid ass shows! So many shows I LOVE to watch have been cancelled in the past 2 years! My new thing now is to "STOP" watching T.V all together b/c you keep cancelling good shows for stupid ones!
Posted 03/02/14 at 18:08:57

I love this show .. Carrie Wells is AWESOME!!!!
Posted 01/07/14 at 19:39:34

what a great Season 2 revamp...well done to everyone involved..they have really nailed it....looking forward to a 3rd season.
joanne Price
Posted 08/05/13 at 22:03:50

So glad to see Unforgettable is back on the air. I have watch the new show already. I like how you have moved carrie and al to New York. Al is not her boss anymore. Maybe because thay are in a new station. The show will pick better ratings this time. I will keep my finger crossed and hope at the end of the season. The show will be renewed again. Its a great show.
Posted 06/28/13 at 11:21:36

Just saw a commercial for it, so its definitely coming back on the 28th! Yay!!
Posted 06/07/13 at 11:21:38

Posted 05/12/13 at 13:28:47

Just read somewhere that this is coming back July 28th, so we'll see.
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Poppy Montgomery (Carrie)
Dylan Walsh (Al)
Michael Gaston (Mike)
Kevin Rankin (Roe)
Daya Vaidya (Nina)