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666 Park Avenue

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Network: ABC

A supernatural drama following the residents at a building possessed by mysterious forces.

The Drake is an upscale apartment building on Manhattan's Upper East Side where the residents have everything they desire - for a price. The building's mysterious owner commands the dark power of the building and can grant people any wish in exchange for their soul.

When Jane and Henry, a young couple from the Midwest, arrive in New York, they are given the opportunity to manage the historic Drake - lured by the sophisticated lifestyle of its wealthy residents. But they quickly discover that they are getting more than they bargained for.

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Mrs O
Posted 05/18/14 at 11:29:54

So not fair. loved this show. bit slow at the start but quickly picked up.
Posted 05/07/14 at 23:40:55

It seems to me everyone should be blaming / suing the Neilson ratings people for discriminating against people over 49 for all the good shows being canceled. If you're between 18-49 years old you get your choice of what to watch. Over 49 and your voice just does not count anymore. Loved this show. Hate to see it gone.
Posted 03/01/14 at 23:06:40

This is ridiculous! I couldn't wait to watch this show every week, and now look gone! POOF something retarded in it's place. ABC you are doing an awful job with the hows!
Tigger conn
Posted 12/24/13 at 04:18:21

Why cancel . 666Park Ave., The Gates, Witches of Eastwick, The River, Body of Proof, Malibu Country. All good shows that you have taken away to replace with a bunch of boring shows. please bring these shows back.
Posted 10/14/13 at 20:52:57

(Pencil pushers, Fire them all). 666Park Ave., The Gates, Witches of Eastwick, The River, Body of Proof, CSI NY , Malibu Country. All good shows that you have taken away to replace with a bunch of stupid shows and more reality shows of which there are entirely way too many now. There are the satellite and cable companies who have the room to add all these shows no one wants to watch. Local station viewers are limited as to what they can watch ,SO STOP TAKING OFF ALL THE GOOD SHOWS. HANDS OFF!!!! And bring these shows back.
Vesta Zealthinoff
Posted 10/09/13 at 15:12:52

Posted 09/14/13 at 03:06:54

For the 3rd time. Please bring this show back, and keep it on the air a whole season. Let's just try it.
The networks are losing money, mainly because they don't understand how people watch TV anymore. It's much cheaper to produce a show, like splash or the chew, because your not paying actors, set & location, wardrobe etc. it's cheaper to get people who will jump at the chance to be on TV, and hope we'll watch that. If a show gets to expensive to produce, than asta La vista baby! ABC give your shows a chance to settle in before axing them. Bring back 666 Park Ave. Please.
Posted 09/01/13 at 13:07:18

@ Jake - What are you, a high-school English teacher? I'm going to guess you're not because, ironically, your comment about other people's lack of punctuation lacks proper punctuation. Besides the fact that your second sentence is a run-on, it should have commas between its independent imperative clauses. It's always so funny when some pompous arse shows himself to be guilty of the very thing he tells others not to do. Thanks for the laugh!
Posted 07/14/13 at 11:14:05

According to the facebook page for the series, there were two additional scripts that were ordered and part 2 was one of them. The show was cancelled prior to producing Part 2 and there is no intention to produce part 2.
Posted 07/11/13 at 16:10:27

Why are they ending the series w/the first half of a two-part episode? That's just ridiculous! Are they ever going to air part two?
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Genre: Drama

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Dave Annable (Henry)
Rachael Taylor (Jane)
Vanessa Williams (Olivia)
Terry O'Quinn (Gavin)
Robert Buckley (Brian)
Mercedes Masohn (Louise)
Erik Palladino (Tony)
Helena Mattsson (Alexis)
Samantha Logan (Nona)