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An action adventure series based on comic book superhero Green Arrow.

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was presumed dead for five years after being caught in a terrible shipwreck. He is eventually found alive on a remote island in the Pacific and brought back home to Starling City to reunite with his mother, sister, and best friend.

Something, however, is different about Oliver after his time on the island. He is hiding the truth about the man he has become and seeks to make amends for the actions he took in his youth. Secretly, he has become a vigilante under a new persona known as Arrow, out to right the errs of his family and fight the wrongdoings of society in hopes of restoring Starling City to its former glory.

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Posted 01/22/15 at 10:57:33

I know this show is a favorite with a lot of fans and I've tried to get into it on a few occasions, however it just doesn't pull me in for some reason which is strange because I grew up in the 50's and this should be a big hit with me. But for those who really like it, I hope it stays around a long time.
arrow fan
Posted 12/11/14 at 13:11:36

Wow just saw the last ep and all I can say is......What!?!?!?!
Posted 10/30/14 at 21:30:01

Pls dont ever cancel it!!! I'm in LOVE
Posted 06/26/14 at 00:17:07

Flash trailer looks like a film. Sorry, but the Arrow looks boring.
Posted 06/25/14 at 10:01:15

Guys "The Flash" is awesome. It has the arrow in it. Watch it.
Peter Da Silva
Posted 05/08/14 at 15:52:34

Best show on tv. And easily the best all time tv superhero show. Well written and realistic for make believe. Needs to stay darker
Posted 02/10/14 at 14:26:34

I'm enjoying it!! :)
Posted 01/22/14 at 19:05:33

Refreshing show, DC comics has finally got it right bringing back the ARROW with his original name and a great adult story line
Posted 09/22/13 at 20:12:45

Okay, be honest. Was anybody else disappointed with Helena's costume? I've seen better cosplay outfits! The Huntress is such an iconic character and favourably for my favourite heroine. A leather mask with two holes and a purple jacket is severely holding back the character. Aside from that, I don't think I'm looking forward to anything more on this show than Laurel becoming Black Canary. Also another favourite of mine. Let's sit back and wait for the torturous wait whilst Black Canary and The Hood go back and forth until FINALLY they reveal their identities to eaach other.
Posted 08/23/13 at 12:05:27

AWESOME SHOW. totally love super hero shows BUT THIS ONE IS THE TOP OF THE LIST. So glad it renewed !
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Genre: Drama / Action

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Stephen Amell (Oliver)
Colin Donnell (Tommy)
Katie Cassidy (Laurel)
David Ramsey (John)
Willa Holland (Thea)
Susanna Thompson (Moira)
Paul Blackthorne (Quentin)