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Best Friends Forever

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Network: NBC

A comedy following a newly divorced woman who moves in with her best friend.

Jessica and Lennon are best friends who live on separate sides of the country with the men in their lives. After Jessica finds out her husband is divorcing her, she flies to Brooklyn to move in with Lennon and her boyfriend, Joe.

While Jessica feels out of place at first, it doesn't take long for the girls to get back into some of their old routines - leaving Joe feeling like the odd man out.

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Posted 07/23/13 at 01:46:23

The show was great --and was cancelled because it was about women, with humour that appeals to women, with stories about the kinds of things women think and worry about. We live in a male-dominated society. The show just wasn't macho enough to attract the jock men. If we lived in a society where women were truly equal, there would be a lot more shows like this one on the air.
Posted 01/14/13 at 20:02:15

so sad it was gone!!!!
Posted 10/01/12 at 21:38:37

I agree I miss that show like crazy it was so funny and I hate how it's gone
Posted 08/15/12 at 08:25:44

I loved this show! I agree that it was not given a chance to shine!!
Posted 06/22/12 at 08:22:19

This show is one of the only funny things on TV!! How can it be cancelled..WTF
Posted 06/11/12 at 10:55:47

NBC did not even give this show a chance to shine!! I laughed at every episode and it made me smile because it reminded me of me and my two best friends...Networks need to give a show more than 4 episodes to make it or beak it!!!
Posted 06/02/12 at 18:51:07

I agree, this was my new favorite show. I am so sad it's cancelled.
Posted 05/20/12 at 14:49:29

This was a great show! Every episode was hilarious! Why are people so stupid that they can't recognize great writing?

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Genre: Comedy

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Lennon Parham (Lennon)
Jessica St. Clair (Jessica)