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Best Ink

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Network: Oxygen

A competition reality series where tattoo artists take part in artistic challenges.

Hosted by recording artist Kimberly Caldwell, Best Ink is a reality series where ten of America's most talented tattoo artists compete for a grand prize of $100,000 and a cover story in Tattoo Magazine.

In each episode these ink artists utilize needles and ink, along with their passion, as they take place in challenges that test their creative skills. After each challenge the contestants are critiqued by head judge and world-renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco, international pinup model and tattoo shop owner Sabina Kelley and a guest judge from a rotating roster.

One contestant is sent home each week until one tattoo artist can claim their work as the Best Ink.

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Posted 07/27/17 at 21:21:43

this was the first tat show that was worth watching! now all these other shows are copycats...i hate them. why o why cant best ink come back? im a fan of all of the judges&the artists! talk about raw &real talent! BRING BEST INK BACK! please please please.
just one season...
Annette whitfield
Posted 12/16/16 at 18:30:31

Why is it that best ink did not come back on. we need this show back on INK MASTERS IS GREAT but I also loved best ink..please bring it back... if Dave does not want to come back there are lots of other artist that will take his place.
Rowman Talhard
Posted 10/14/15 at 14:28:58

It would be nice to see the show come back on
Personally am tired of Ink Masters every year of
Fat Head dave navarro also that they don't have
Female judges. That is why I like Beast Ink the Best.
Posted 07/20/15 at 17:57:34

Thisnshownneeds to be back on miss watching it
Posted 07/01/15 at 04:59:01

Will best ink be back this year, 2015?
Posted 01/31/15 at 18:21:11

Will Best Ink be renewed for 2015 season 5? I can't find out one way or the other. Thank you

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