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Brand X with Russell Brand

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Network: FX

A late-night talk show starring comedian Russell Brand.

Actor and comedian Russell Brand hosts this late-night comedy series that features his unfiltered opinions on current events, pop culture, and politics.

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Posted 05/18/14 at 17:16:33

Russell brand is big in England, the U.S. Is not ready for russell brand. He played a very public, tacky , & unforgivable (in my opinion) "practical joke" in England and very shortly showed up in america..... But his Juvenal antics and his style will not be appreciated here in the U.S., Although his stand up can be quite clever. He should go back to being a big fish in a little pond.
Posted 04/25/14 at 22:24:48

Never seen the show but anything Russell Brand is gunna the hell that guy got on TV to begin with is beyond comprehension.. what a d-bag
Posted 10/11/13 at 22:42:04

I completely agree with you, Nott could not have said it any better.He just needed the extra money, because when they were working on this is the end they turned him down.(so I guess he got jealous and tried to ,make his own little stupid show .well that's all I have to say. nice comment Nott and well have a great life lol:) p.s nice comment 2 Jim.
Posted 10/05/13 at 17:47:33

Good riddance. The only thing remarkable thing about this guy is that he was the biggest mistake that Katy Perry could ever have made.
Posted 07/17/13 at 07:26:42

No surprise here, he was getting extremely crazier as the episodes went on, and was pretty much and entire hour of sarcastic, rhetorical rambles from his (apparently always high on cocaine) mind. He's a funny guy in stand-up, but as a talk show host, not so much. Hope he gets another show, sort of a la Jeselnik Offensive, but without a live crowd or guests to torment.

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