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TV Tidbit: Season 6 of Chicago Fire premieres on Thursday, Sept 28 at 10:00pm.

Chicago Fire

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On Air: 
Network: NBC

A drama following the daily lives of firefighters and paramedics at Chicago Firehouse 51.

Chicago Firehouse 51 is home to noble firefighters and paramedics who look fear in the eye and forge headfirst into dangerous situations in order to help those in need.

These courageous men and women are under pressure to perform at a high level when it's a matter of life and death. Their closeness is like an extended family, but the stress of the job can take its toll on members of the team, putting them at odds with one another. But at the end of the day, everyone is willing to lay it on the line when it counts the most.

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Posted 05/22/17 at 09:03:20

Love all of the Chicago shows. Please donot cancel
Posted 05/11/17 at 03:50:21

Huge fan of Dick Wolf's shows. I watch all three of the chicago shows and hope I haven't missed the new Law show that will be added to the trilogy.
Posted 04/14/17 at 15:46:30

the entire Dick Wolf grouping is extremely well done. Their use of crossover casting has really upped the enjoyment level. Keep the show on.
Posted 03/19/17 at 17:55:40

See that NBC is considering canceling Chicago Fire and replacing with Chicago Justice. Too many lawyer shows already. Chicago Fire is our favorite and if it's canceled I just as well delete NBC from my channel list
Posted 12/24/15 at 16:02:01

I love this show, applauds indeed.
Posted 10/15/15 at 10:08:57

Is this a cop show, or a show about firefighting heroes?? Make up your mind NBC!
Posted 10/13/15 at 20:30:12

Yes it stared last night
the doctor
Posted 10/13/15 at 01:15:12

Started last night 12/10/15 not tonight.
Mary Bennett
Posted 09/07/15 at 19:30:39

Please please please tell me that Chicago Fire will still be running. This drama is is entertaining. I've been following it from the start and am hooked. I would just like to know what happened with the character actor who played Mills? Did he leave for other endeavors or is he out because of contract differences? I miss him but who not have any show of substance to watch if you removed Chicago Fire.
Posted 05/16/15 at 15:20:33

I really started watching this show this season. I fell in love with it right from the start. It makes you appreciate more the job that firefighters do on a daily basis. My only complaint is that NBC doesn't allow it to run weekly like my other favs over on CBS. If its to hard to keep up with it while adding the spin offs, then stop with the spin offs. I imagine the opening will be tired in with Chicago Pd because of Casey.

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Jesse Spencer (Matthew)
Taylor Kinney (Kelly)
Charlie Barnett (Peter)
Monica Raymund (Gabriela)
Lauren German (Leslie)
Eamonn Walker (Wallace)
David Eigenberg (Christopher)
Teri Reeves (Hallie)