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Common Law

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Network: USA

A dramedy following two bickering detectives.

Travis and Wes are two LAPD detectives who work together but cannot stand each other. All their arguing leads their commanding officer to send them to a therapist for couples counseling to try and work on their issues.

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Comments (49)

Posted 01/16/14 at 10:15:31

Common Law was an outstanding show! The episodes were refreshingly funny as well as compelling..I will miss the interaction between Wes and Travis.
Posted 10/12/13 at 16:17:14

PLEASE, bring this show back! It was very funny! BRING IT BACK!
Posted 09/08/13 at 11:34:03

I hear USA is owned by either ABC or NBC now and that is why shows are cancelled faster same goes for sci-fi channel they own it so they cancel great shows before giving it a change... This was a Fantastic, funny show and you cancelled it. What a joke. I hope another network picks it up but its doubtful. Online channels should pick it up!!!!
Posted 07/03/13 at 14:38:26

really loved this show please bring it back
Posted 06/27/13 at 18:24:56

What is going on?! You cancelled a good funny smart cop show! Great chemistry! Really enjoyed it! It was refreshing! Please pick it back up! If you don't i hope someone else is smart enough to!
Posted 06/24/13 at 16:28:28

Shame it got cut
Loved the chemistry and fun of the show
Posted 06/13/13 at 17:57:52

It needed a better time slot. I hope another network will pick it up.
Posted 06/07/13 at 13:01:19

Soooo many cop shows out there, they all have action but this was the one and only one that had action and comedy, those boys worked so well together. This was the best show on your entire network, I like royal pains but COMMON LAW WAS NUMBER 1. I guarantee if it had a second season it would be your number 1 hit, nobody even got a chance to know it was out there yet, plus because of stupidity like this nobody watches shows til it makes the second season anymore. I know if it stayed on air it would become USA networks best show for years to come!!!!! This will be your biggest regret and you wont even know it!!!!! I agree with the other comment you guys need kicked in the sac just for being soooooooooo damn dumb
Posted 05/16/13 at 19:09:38

gonna miss it..really enjoyed it
Posted 05/12/13 at 14:48:49

This upsets me too!! I LOVED Common Law. It was funny and refreshing. Crap. Every time I fall in love with a show, it gets cancelled.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Michael Ealy (Travis)
Warren Kole (Wes)
Sonya Walger (Emma)
Jack McGee (Phil)