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A 2012 update to the classic prime time soap opera.

Dallas revolves around the Ewing family, who are known in Texas for their wealth made from their oil and cattle-ranching endeavors. The new Dallas continues from the original series that ran from 1978 to 1991.

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Tracy Cochran
Posted 06/21/16 at 16:21:27

I grew up watching the original Dallas it was and still is my favorite tv show.I watched the reboot and wish,hope and pray you find a new network like netflix and bring Dallas back. It's not fair to the fans to leave us hanging. Just becouse Jr died doesn't mean the show should die becouse the show is not same without Jr,but it still should continue withe rest of the cast. It still the best show on tv.
roger carroll
Posted 03/07/16 at 14:56:32

just because larry hagman died,does not mean the dallas show had to die with him.i love the show even without j.r.great acting,great should of let the people decide if it should be cancel or not.its a sad dady to see a good show die for no reason.
scott dest
Posted 12/16/15 at 20:11:29

Sure wish someone would pick it up. I loved the new cast.
Posted 12/08/15 at 21:10:36

This is bullshit I love Dallas and I cannot believe TNT canceled it you're right they do not know drama bring back my show TNT you suck!!!!!
Edan-Kane Soledad
Posted 09/17/15 at 10:31:31

I wish Netflix would pick up "Dallas".
Posted 05/13/15 at 12:56:15

Bring this show back!!!! I watched it way back when. Loved it then and loved it now. This was a great show with great acting. Please bring it back.
Tony Melaragno
Posted 04/19/15 at 17:42:08

Great Move TNT I will not be watching your netork any further. I guess you dont know drama !
Fran Nelson
Posted 04/08/15 at 21:35:34

We want Dallas back. Watched all the old shows and never missed even one of the new ones. Loved it and can't believe that you canceled it.
Posted 04/08/15 at 17:20:52

Posted 03/27/15 at 19:38:31

I want Dalllas back! How dare u bring it back give us a big taste then cancel! This is not fair to all fans and u just let it hanging! Not nice

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Genre: Drama

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Josh Henderson (John Ross)
Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher)
Jordana Brewster (Elena)
Julie Gonzalo (Rebecca)
Brenda Strong (Ann)
Patrick Duffy (Bobby)
Linda Gray (Sue Ellen)
Larry Hagman (J.R.)
Ken Kercheval (Cliff)
Charlene Tilton (Lucy)