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Dogs in the City

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Network: CBS

A reality series where a dog training expert assists owners with their pet issues.

Justin Silver is a New York City dog guru who is master at resolving issues that arise between canines and their owners. His creativity and instinctive ability to connect with dogs gives him a leg up in resolving all kinds of dilemmas.

Each episode has Justin meeting with clients and trying to get to the bottom of their problem, be it relationship problems, lifestyle changes or domestic issues. Justin gets as imaginative as necessary to reach a satisfying resolution, often finding that the owners can be a special breed themselves.

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Comments (6)

Posted 03/28/14 at 05:11:38

Seriously, how can anyone ask for a second season? Thank God it was cancelled. Who with a brain would watch a show with some guy talking to dogs? Insane people?
Posted 04/23/13 at 17:09:32

I am so disappointed that Dogs in the City isn't coming back! I learned a lot from this show last year and it was very funny!!!! I loved it!!!
Posted 01/11/13 at 15:48:30

I hope this show doesn't come back. This show is awful and Justin has some serious ego issues.
Ann in AZ
Posted 01/06/13 at 21:18:42

I've been looking for information on when we can see new episodes of Dogs in the City for months? So, when?
Posted 10/04/12 at 19:14:19

I want to see more dogs in the city?????
kim bemis
Posted 08/22/12 at 17:04:30

When will Dogs in the city be starting seson 2?

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