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Network: A&E

A reality series following a Louisiana bayou family operating a thriving duck calling business.

Duck Dynasty follows the lives of the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family who went from rags to riches from the sale of their duck caller, The Duck Commander.

The cameras follow family members as they attempt to run a successful business while staying true to their values and lifestyle.

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Comments (36)

Jeff yasick
Posted 11/29/14 at 10:12:58

Geat lots of seasons
Kit Robinson
Posted 08/28/14 at 17:10:12

Please cancel this mess it is horrible & has been from the start. They all need a good shrink & we need to stop rewarding bsd behavoir. Put this thing out of our misery. Who ever thinks this crap is great needs to see a shrink too.
Posted 07/16/14 at 22:50:19

Love this show, its the only one a whole family can watch anymore. Most of everything else seems to filled with disgusting homosexulaty,perversion,drugs,voilence and Antichristian behavior.
Its funny how Hollywood does not have a problem with someone being hateful to Christians or moral teachings. But dare someone disagree with homosexuality and you will be bullied until you apologize and lose your job. But this time it did not work because Robertsons are real Christians with a big Christian backing. All over the country, Christians of all colors and ethnicites support them for their courage and lifestyle.
You can push the homosexual lifestyle all you want but in the end Natural Law and Gods Law is unchangable.
This family is very genuine even the son Willie adopted a black baby and asian student. They give to the poor and dont follow the protocols of Hollyweird or lamestreet media.
Posted 07/16/14 at 22:37:54

The Robertson's Stick with Jesus Christ and Nature. They don't follow what the Entertainment industry tells them is normal. The same industry which promotes and contains all types of twisted things.
If someone is Offended by Christian Teaching that is their problem. Jesus Christ never said don't offend others, He said speak the truth and help people!
People can get offended for anything. Eventually someone will be offended. Therefore we should not live worrying about who we might offend. Im sure polygamists,pedophilia or people living in incest or bestiality get offended if you disagree with their lifestyles.
Homosexuality is unnatural and dangerous. And this fact wont change, no matter how much you try to bully Christians like the Robertson's.
Posted 07/16/14 at 22:33:08

Phil Robinson was 100% right homosexuality is disgusting and evil like bestiality. One does not have to be Christian to realize homosexuality is wrong. Because its common sense. Their are countless Atheists in the world who realize this by Nature! Its Natural Law that homosexuality is wrong. Man+woman=baby which is the main purpose of sexual relationships. If all our ancestors were homosexual than we would not be here.
And homosexuality clearly leads to tons of negative side-effects. Even the CDC has shown these statistics such as the Homo's created Aids and have higher rates of aids,Cancer,drugs,alcohol intake,sexual diseases,suicide and many other things. Not to mention homosexuals are like animals having hundreds and hundreds of partners.
Some of these comments show that the anti-christian liberal brainwashing is working. They control Media,Hollywood and even Schools. Their homosexual agenda is working even pushing homosexuality on poor elementary students(look it up). Whats next incest,pedophilia maybe bestiality how about polygamy? After all Homosexual Hollywood is known to be filled with pedophilia look at Corey Feldman went through! Don't think they wont push that eventually.
The propaganda has gotten so bad that my kids cant even watch Teen-nick shows like big time rush without seeing homosexual behavior on the commercials! And attacking someone for grammar, just shows how pathetic you people are. That is the lamest internet attack. When you don't have a good response you attack their grammar.
Posted 06/17/14 at 21:46:02

Claiming that someone else's marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because your on a diet
Posted 05/31/14 at 18:02:18

Love the love love it. Love it. Hate on that.
Posted 05/18/14 at 17:58:33

It is difficult for me not to conclude that the individuals that like this show are not all the same person. They appear to be writing the same thing, if not in the same prose. I have never seen the show b/c i would never waste my time on such a ridiculous premise. Life is too short.
Posted 05/17/14 at 23:02:27

Lmao ur all dumb as ****. Stuipd faggots get a life.
Posted 05/12/14 at 11:07:12

"If y'all cancel this show u have cancelled the only Christian show we have left we can't even turn on the tv with out hearing a cuss word"
You have how many evangelist shows to watch? TV is not made for Christians, it's made for viewers.
"that is y kids now days r talking bad at age 4"
Says the person who can't even speak English nor write properly. If you are illiterate and can't communicate properly then this is why your kids are also dumber than a box of turds.
"if they cancel this show I will NEVER watch A&E ever again and I know a lot of people want either"
I know a lot of people who will. A minority of radical right-wing nutters turning off the TV will not affect the station in the slightest.
I hope this TV show ends, the people in it are nutters, fake, delusional, racists and bigots. People are rejecting these kinds of idiots all around the world and pretty soon every TV station will have to start paying more attention to social evolution.
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