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Network: A&E

A reality series following a Louisiana bayou family operating a thriving duck calling business.

Duck Dynasty follows the lives of the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family who went from rags to riches from the sale of their duck caller, The Duck Commander.

The cameras follow family members as they attempt to run a successful business while staying true to their values and lifestyle.

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Comments (25)

Posted 02/16/14 at 02:48:59

Cancel it. As Glo Says if there is a petition I will sign too. No Family values here, just hate, racism, sexism, and hate. I the Anti Christ must be happy. Making ppl think closed minded hate is of God. +1 in the evil row.
Daphne wohlford
Posted 12/27/13 at 15:44:54

Duck dynasty is an awesome show,my whole family watches this show,I hope they continue to stay on the air.the show is fun n lighthearted n a joy to watch.we r Americans n these folk r god fearing people n have done nothing wrong .we all have the right as Americans to voice our opinions wake up people that is our rights as Americans .stop the madness!!
Posted 12/22/13 at 19:39:12

wow a show that has no cursing no immorality a love for family values does not that bother you. wake up america
Posted 12/20/13 at 15:52:02

First off, most everyone in here has horrible grammar and spelling. Learn to speak English before you go on about free speech. He compared homosexuality to bestiality. It's 2013 not the 40's, open your eyes. Then to go on and say "blacks" are better off under the Jim Crow laws? Please. It's been happening a lot these past few years. You say something prejudice on national TV, you are going to face consequences. It's simple. If you're racist, keep your mouth shut, nobody wants to hear it.
Posted 12/20/13 at 03:47:54

I don't understand why A & E would cancel Duck Dynasty. Just because of there religious freedom? Its not like they say anything inappropriate because they don't
This is the stupidest way to cut off a show. Read The Amendments!
Posted 12/19/13 at 10:19:18

I think this show is a great show I agree that if you font like it don't watch it I will continue to watch every showiest
Posted 12/19/13 at 09:19:54

If y'all cancel this show u have cancelled the only Christian show we have left we can't even turn on the tv with out hearing a cuss word that is y kids now days r talking bad at age 4 if they cancel this show I will NEVER watch A&E ever again and I know a lot of people want either
Posted 12/19/13 at 08:35:11

I Have to share in my opinion.What got my intrest in this show was Phil,this is a man of God who stood in his believe in God and his beautiful family.If what he had shared in his believe was offensive to you,than maybe we need to look a little dipper into the word of God and ask the holy spirit for the truth.You want to talk about being offended, I get offended when I see how society has excepted,Nudity and profanity.We are a lost and confused society!What Satan stands for harm,God intended for Good.Gods word in Genesis 50:19-21 and Ephesians 4:13-16 God Bless!
surly Curmudgen
Posted 12/19/13 at 04:59:29

A&E's displayed hatred of Christianity should not be tolerated. Phil did not say anything vile, he did not attack an individual, he did condemn a behavior and nothing else. Any hatred being displayed over this is by the left and mostly by members of GLADD.
Posted 12/18/13 at 07:55:29

Cancel Duck DyNasty! Or tell me where I can sign a petition to cancel that ah-t show!
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