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Duck Dynasty

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Network: A&E

A reality series following a Louisiana bayou family operating a thriving duck calling business.

Duck Dynasty follows the lives of the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family who went from rags to riches from the sale of their duck caller, The Duck Commander.

The cameras follow family members as they attempt to run a successful business while staying true to their values and lifestyle.

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Posted 03/21/17 at 15:54:19

Get a real job, anyone can run a camera and video tape fake crap.
Posted 03/18/16 at 00:20:56

It cracks me up, my husband used to always make me watch this and it was alright I tolerated it. Has anyone noticed that now this show is a total chick show I love it, my husband has totally lost interest in it. I also love the spin off about Jep and Jessica
Posted 12/26/15 at 13:42:24

You know I thank you are going to be sorry if you canceled the show Everybody speaks their mind, but when open his mouth he's in trouble for spmething
Posted 12/18/15 at 20:50:34

Duck Dynasty returns on 01-06-16 at 9 pm !!
Posted 11/16/15 at 17:57:01

is duck dynasty coming back on? I really hope so because we miss it......
Posted 08/21/15 at 02:57:45

This show has devolved into nothing more than boring home movies for a family too wealthy to have any clue what real life is like for most of America. It's gotten "preachy" and less fun. They've run their course. It should be cancelled. The John Luke wedding hour long episode was just nothing more than the family's wedding video with no redeemable value for viewers. And face it.. Si made this show. No one gives a hoot about their idiot trust fund babies.
Posted 08/20/15 at 09:21:44

I was going to put duct honesty back on airs duct honesty slots
donna walsh
Posted 05/05/15 at 12:34:50

I miss Duck Dynasty. Don't watch much television, but did enjoy this program. Only one on A&E that I followed. Hope it will return soon.
Posted 05/04/15 at 04:53:27

when will Duck Dynasty be back on best show you have and you just stop showing no explaining or nothing....??????
Posted 04/07/15 at 20:16:50

The question has been asked, but I am seeing no answer. What has happened to my favorite show, Duck Dynasty. It has dropped off A&E without a word. No indication of when and/or if it is coming back. Have some respect for the fans and give us some news please, so we know what to anticipate. Thank you!

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