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Sep 27, 2012 - Present




Drama / Crime


Sherlock - Jonny Lee MillerDr. Watson - Lucy LiuKitty - Ophelia LovibondTobias - Aidan QuinnMarcus - Jon Michael Hill

A crime drama following a modern-day Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in New York.

Following a fall from grace in London and spending time in rehab, the eccentric Sherlock Holmes takes residence in Manhattan, New York, where his wealthy father assigns him a "sober companion", Dr. Joan Watson, to help with his rehabilitation.

Dr. Watson was a successful surgeon until she lost a patient. However, the eccentric Holmes is nothing like her other clients. As part of a post-rehab regimen he designed himself, Holmes resumes his work as a police consultant in New York, and Watson is along for the ride.

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09/27/18 at 04:09pm

What a season finale! My love for this show just tripled! Amazing how they took the show to Bakers street! Bravo writing team, Bravo!!
Kimberlee Ryan
09/18/18 at 11:26pm

So glad it was picked up for season 7
09/18/18 at 07:30pm

I hope that wasn't the end of the series... Holmes & Watson are great together and I would miss the show. :(
09/18/18 at 06:53pm

I think we just watched the series finally!! :(
09/17/18 at 07:58pm

Love the show and all the cast. Fun to watch. Never dull to watch and may it continue for a long time.
08/07/18 at 11:01am

Still enjoying this show every week. The cast is spectacular. I hope it is on for year to come
04/26/18 at 02:39pm

Finally starting Season 6 on Monday, April 30, 2018! Luckily IMSC will surely post a notice on Monday with this info since I doubt anyone will see this - but just in case...
michael dobey
05/13/17 at 11:02pm

For once they kept on a show that older people like. the dummies at a and 3e cancelled 'longmire' and yet netflix got several more seasons out of it. And they did that because it was like too much by older people.
04/14/17 at 04:11pm

Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are so much fun as Holmes and Watson. It makes this show fun to watch
12/03/15 at 02:12pm

We really love this show! Glad to see it back in full swing. Thank you

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