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Network: A&E

A crime drama based on the series of mystery novels of the same name.

Walt Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. After the death of his wife, he returns to work to investigate a string of serious crimes in his jurisdiction while preparing to run for re-election against a young deputy who wants his job.

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Posted 09/18/14 at 13:15:14

All the networks are out of there flipping minds. It is all about the oh mighty dollar and not about the actual content. They have run reality TV into the ground. I mean really Naked and afraid come on. There is nothing really real about those shows. Enough of that bring back Longmire.
Posted 09/17/14 at 18:57:50

I can't believe A&E would cancel Longmire. Finally a good TV show worth watching and they cancel it. Please bring it back. Such a good show. TV is nothing but reality shows anymore which I refuse to watch.
Di B
Posted 09/16/14 at 21:09:56

Finally a show worth watching. Like TV used to be and still should be. I guess if it is not cringe worthy it won't make it on TV. Something wholesome that a whole family can watch together for a change, is intelligent with great characters and story lines. I hate reality shows that exploit peoples poor behavior. Give us something worthwhile - give us back Longmire.
Posted 09/16/14 at 15:19:42

Love love love this show. Please leave something for people who don't watch stupid stuff like honey boo boo. Maybe another channel will pick this up. From someone in their 50's
Posted 09/16/14 at 12:57:44

Loved this show, please reconsider and give us another year. I need to know what will happen
Suzy G
Posted 09/15/14 at 19:09:24

I can't believe A&E would cancel Longmire! Are you crazy? It is a great show, great cast, great storylines. Bring it back!!!
Posted 09/15/14 at 18:55:54

Jim Reagan
Posted 09/15/14 at 18:42:25

I just read in The Week that the median age of tv viewers is 59.3 years. Who knew that A&E would round it up to 60 in order to cancel their highest rated show! Brilliant logic.
Posted 09/15/14 at 15:00:18

Shame on you , A&E.... This was a excellent show. Great cast, story line. Hopefully another network will pick it up . Longmire is Awesome !
Posted 09/15/14 at 13:44:18

Elderly people? Forget that, this was FINALLY a sow I could let my children watch. Tv today is just filth.
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Robert Taylor (Walt)
Katee Sackhoff (Victoria)
Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry)
Cassidy Freeman (Cady)
Bailey Chase (Branch)
Adam Bartley (The Ferg)