• The final season of Longmire premieres on Friday, Sept 10.


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Jun 03, 2012 - Present




Drama / Crime


Walt - Robert TaylorVictoria - Katee SackhoffHenry - Lou Diamond PhillipsCady - Cassidy FreemanBranch - Bailey ChaseThe Ferg - Adam Bartley

A crime drama based on the series of mystery novels of the same name.

Walt Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. After the death of his wife, he returns to work to investigate a string of serious crimes in his jurisdiction while preparing to run for re-election against a young deputy who wants his job.

Comments (363)

Robert Weston
09/22/17 at 08:44am

Great show! Looking forward to buying the 6th season.
08/15/17 at 06:47pm

LOVE Longmire and glad it's at least getting 6 seasons, but wish it would go on for many years to come. Thankful for 6, though! GREAT SHOW! Wonderful cast! Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, Cassidy Freeman, Katee Sackhoff and Adam Bartley are tremendous and all the recurring cast, including Zahn McClarnon and Ally Walker and the various guest stars create a really interesting and beautifully shot show! Thanks again!
07/23/17 at 05:06pm

we love Longmire and so does everyone I've told about it. why oh why would you cancel? please please keep it going
John in Vermont
06/01/17 at 06:27am

We love this show! Please keep it going!
Dianne Stewart
05/18/17 at 04:33am

I am 70 and love this show. I have purchased all the DVDs so I can see them again and again. The actors are excellent and I enjoy every single episode. Please continue this series. It is something I look forward to every year and feel it has the best actors and stories ever!
Kathy Petersen
05/01/17 at 06:01pm

This is such a great show!!!!!! PLEASE don't end it Netflix!!!!!
03/06/17 at 02:40pm

Longmire is a great crime drama and can go on for many more years. 10 episodes a season is not long enough and I hope Netflix reconsiders cancelling the show after just 6 short seasons. Please do not cancel this show!!
02/06/17 at 04:38pm

PLEASE renew Longmire. My family loves it.
11/08/16 at 02:33pm

I was glad that Netflix picked up this series, but they could have left out the sex and language. This is a great story. I have always loved the interaction with the reservation peoples. We don't see enough indigenous people in mainstream television. I'm sorry Netflix doesn't see that this show could go on for many more seasons with good creative writing.
mike dobey
11/04/16 at 10:17pm

I totally disagree that it's unsustainable to continue this show. Many network shows like this ran for seven seasons. That was 24 episodes a season. NOT 10-12 eps in six years. They could have continued this for many years. I am grateful to netflix for the three extra seasons they gave us though.

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