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A crime drama based on the series of mystery novels of the same name.

Walt Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. After the death of his wife, he returns to work to investigate a string of serious crimes in his jurisdiction while preparing to run for re-election against a young deputy who wants his job.

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Posted 04/02/16 at 23:16:31

I absolutely love this show. In many ways it appears related to the Tony Hillerman books with some changes. Not Leaphorn, but Longmire, and Det. Jim Chee in Hillerman's series played by Lou Diamond Phillip has Phillips playing Longmire's best friend. Cheyenne in Longmire instead of Navaho in Hillerman's series the series similarities end with the focus both being primarily with events related to the reservation and life in America as a native American.
Having one side of my ancestors meet my other ancestors when they came across to live in America I have a long held interest in Native American culture. I can only reiterate "I love this show." I don't know how long Netflix can keep it up; but, clearly I am looking forward to Season 5 with the hope of further seasons down the road. Well done Netflix, 5 stars!
Posted 02/02/16 at 16:49:45

Cynthia, the vast majority of people that watch tv, do not mind, and even enjoy, the sex and cussing on television shows. I'm sure the creators of the show will not miss you.
Posted 01/28/16 at 08:49:48

Cynthia, I thinks its time you joined the real world, People do curse and Sex etc does exist, if you have not noticed it is all around us. And who is this god guy anyway ??
Posted 01/03/16 at 18:36:39

I have enjoyed your "Perry Mason" like detective series, but I'm so disappointed in the cursing and foul Language (especially God's name being cursed) and the sexually explicit scenes you have forced into the series. Neither the language or the sexuality go with the morality of your characters. Now, I will have to drop the series from my list on Netfix and I will need to let all my friends and family members whom I have recommended the series, to cancel as well. How unfortunate that you would ruin a program that was enjoyed by so many. Farewell!
Posted 12/06/15 at 16:33:13

I will watching Netflix........networks need to cancel Hellivador and trash
Posted 10/29/15 at 18:59:28

Longmire is the best show on tv
Posted 10/23/15 at 21:03:26

My mom lives with me and she asks me on a daily basis when Longmire is going to come back on. I'm in my 40's and think Longmire is a total hunk. My mom is in her 60's and worships the man. This was one of our favorite things to do together. It's not about age -- the man is a great detective. He's got intuition and a gut sense for solving crimes. Granted his emotional IQ is often wanting but that just makes for good TV. The setting is breathtaking, the scripts are articulate and well written. BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 10/18/15 at 20:40:43

So need season 5 please!
Posted 09/29/15 at 07:52:53

My wife found out about Longmire from a friend and starting watching. Great show. Just wish A&E didn't cancel and left us hanging
Posted 09/27/15 at 19:58:22

so glade Netflix took over It this show was just to great to let in end thanks netflix

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Robert Taylor (Walt)
Katee Sackhoff (Victoria)
Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry)
Cassidy Freeman (Cady)
Bailey Chase (Branch)
Adam Bartley (The Ferg)