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Network: A&E

A crime drama based on the series of mystery novels of the same name.

Walt Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. After the death of his wife, he returns to work to investigate a string of serious crimes in his jurisdiction while preparing to run for re-election against a young deputy who wants his job.

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Posted 08/31/14 at 23:01:21

I am very disappointed to hear that Longmire is cancelled. I really enjoyed this show. It was also one of the only shows that my father and I both enjoyed watching. We don't live close so it was great being able to talk about one of his favorite shows after it aired. Very sad that A&E chose to cancel this one!
Posted 08/31/14 at 21:15:37

So sad, it was one of my favorite shows! A&E has a long history of canceling good shows. They don't have anything worth watching but cancel the one show that is good.
Posted 08/31/14 at 20:31:37

It only makes sense that you would cancel a great show to make room for another crappy reality show. I will never watch A&E again, I have removed it from my channel selector a long with every other channel that this piss poor corporation owns. I hope there's some studio executive
that has a brain and picks Longmier up. It's one of the best shows on television to date.
Joyce Miller
Posted 08/31/14 at 19:59:18

I considered Longmire to be one of, if not the best shows on A&E in a very long time. For whatever reason the networks' decision to cancel the series, I am confused and disappointed. Why mess with greatness.
Posted 08/31/14 at 18:33:37

my FAVORITE show!! very upset.... i hope another network picks it up!!!!
Posted 08/31/14 at 18:04:28

OOOPPPS! I mean A&E...was so upset I typed in wrong network...although they all do the same thing
Posted 08/31/14 at 18:02:10

WHHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT? Unbelievable. I give up on AMC...this is unreal.
Posted 08/31/14 at 17:47:30

The only intelligent show on A&E that I watched religiously and the idiots cancel it The crap so called" Reality shows" are still in their lineup which tells me the intelligence level that they're aiming for is somewhere about 8 yrs old. I hope another network has the intelligence to realize what a great show Longmire is and picks it up fast. Scripts were terrific and the actors superb. As far as A&E, there is nothing on that channel worth watching anymore so keep on catering to trash shows A&E, good luck to you.
Posted 08/31/14 at 17:43:35

A little FYI for you, the same company that owns a&e also has 5 other channels, History, Lifetime, H2, FYI, and LMN. I found a place on their website and sent them a letter letting them know how I felt about them canceling LONGMIRE, and the Glades before that, I will not be watching any of the above channels ever!!!!
Posted 08/31/14 at 16:23:19

It's one of the more entertaining shows on t.v. It'll be a shame if they cancel Longmire. Will not be watching A&E any longer.
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Robert Taylor (Walt)
Katee Sackhoff (Victoria)
Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry)
Cassidy Freeman (Cady)
Bailey Chase (Branch)
Adam Bartley (The Ferg)