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A legal drama following a streetwise lawyer who joins an upscale New York law firm.

Martina is a working-class woman from New Jersey who uses her street smarts to compete with her pedigreed colleagues at a prestigious New York law firm. But what she may lack in Ivy League smarts, she makes up for with her tenacious attitude and blue-collar worth ethic.

With the support of her large Italian family, Martina manages to stay true to her roots as an upcoming, passionate lawyer in a new, intimidating environment.

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Posted 05/30/13 at 19:49:20

Could have been a good show. I caught some of the last epi. on late night. I agree with DJ, can't figure out why they are after the young & don't know better!!
Posted 05/22/13 at 15:25:50

Here we go again. Do not understand. Instead of catering to young people that are out partying, try keeping shows that the baby boomers enjoy, which make up a large part of the population that enjoys TV.
Posted 04/27/13 at 12:49:28

Big, big mistake...loved the banter, attitude and characters! Why cancel the good shows?..aaarrgh!
Posted 04/21/13 at 19:26:47

I agree,, this wasn't even given a chance. I like the sassiness... What are they thinking???
Posted 02/17/13 at 21:58:03

This show was not giving a chance!
Posted 02/17/13 at 17:27:54

CBS never gave this good show a chance. They killed it with their own stupidity.
Posted 01/22/13 at 16:07:32

I really liked this one.....again a strong FEMALE lead and wow 2 shows as a chance for people to find it....shame on you
Posted 01/07/13 at 10:53:39

Another well written show with realistic characters axed. My wife and I enjoyed the show and wish it was given another chance.
Posted 12/22/12 at 18:39:30

2 Episodes came on tonight & 2 more next Saturday. I thought it was cancelled?
Posted 12/16/12 at 20:56:27

Lets face it I am so tire of seeing 98lb Super Model Climbing wall Knocking down 250lb man Sorry its taking it to far, walking in to a court room and telling a judge what to do in her first yr of law school, "Ya Right"

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Janet Montgomery (Martina)
Kyle MacLachlan (Donovan)
Felix Solis (Riv)
Stephanie March (Natalie)
Toni Trucks (Cyndi)
Donna Murphy (Darlene)
Erin Cummings (Bonnie)
Drew Beasley (Charlie)
Kristoffer Polaha (Nolan)
Alexandra Socha (Ellie)