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Major Crimes

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Aug 13, 2012 - Present




Drama / Crime


Sharon - Mary McDonnellLouie - G.W. BaileyAndy - Tony DenisonMichael - Michael Paul ChanJulio - Raymond CruzBuzz - Phillip P. KeeneRussell - Robert GossettFritz - Jon Tenney

A crime drama spun off from The Closer.

With Brenda Leigh Johnson's departure, Captain Raydor is in charge of Major Crimes. But the team has trouble accepting her because of her dislike for the team when it under Chief Johnson's leadership.

Comments (72)

10/16/17 at 12:59pm

Oh no. Another good show goes by the wayside. Way to many stupid shows on tv and by far not enough good ones.
Jim and Sheldon also in Las Vegas.
06/17/17 at 09:20pm

To Ken in Las Vegas: if you're so concerned about what your 5 year old son is seeing on Major Crimes, I suggest you monitor what he is watching in general. The show's major plot point is murder, not homosexuality. How is it that you can explain murder to a 5 year old child, but you can't explain two people of the same gender loving each other.
Ken in Las Vegas, NV
05/05/17 at 10:24pm

I will not watch this show any longer until they remove all of the homosexual content. Homosexuals make up about 1% to 2% of the population, and yet every show in Hollyweird with only a dozen or so main characters wants to write in a homosexual relationship-- almost as if someone were trying to convince us that this is more prevalent than it actually is. I don't need my 5-year old watching this nonsense.
04/14/17 at 04:46pm

Love the cast.... Bringing Rusty in as a character has brought a whole new level to the procedural.... A writer's stroke of genius.
11/11/16 at 09:10am

I really like this show. I have been watching since they took Close off. I love the team but I could do without Rusty. Maybe send him to college, he adds nothing to the story lines. I love Provenza and Flynn.
Bob H
10/19/16 at 08:20am

Love the show - PLEASE! PLEASE! get rid of RUSTY - he adds no value to the stories at all and is oh so annoying! LOVE the show but for him!
Mark P
09/20/16 at 08:13am

I just got through watching part 3 of the story arc for "White Lies" and am so disappointed. You dragged this story on for 3 agonizing episodes. <Spoiler removed> Shame on you to the writers, producers, etc.
diane john
08/30/16 at 10:05am

Love major crimes. Please don't cancel.
07/02/16 at 07:23pm

Please cancel this show Literally every PC checkbox has been filled in to the point that it just gums up the storyline.
12/08/15 at 08:36am

WOW no more Randy for me.
I record the show then when R in on I ZAP, poof gone.
Now I get to get rid of both R and the commercials...

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