Major Crimes

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Aug 13, 2012 - Jan 09, 2018




Drama / Crime


Sharon - Mary McDonnellLouie - G.W. BaileyAndy - Tony DenisonMichael - Michael Paul ChanJulio - Raymond CruzBuzz - Phillip P. KeeneRussell - Robert GossettFritz - Jon Tenney

A crime drama spun off from The Closer.

With Brenda Leigh Johnson's departure, Captain Raydor is in charge of Major Crimes. But the team has trouble accepting her because of her dislike for the team when it under Chief Johnson's leadership.

Comments (81)

01/11/18 at 04:31pm

The last few episodes have been mediocre. The way you had Sharon's illness progress to her death was very disappointing. If that is the best your writers can do then maybe it is better to end the show now. Also, you turned Gus into a wimpy door mat. Ridiculous.
01/09/18 at 11:54pm

I love the multi-episodes, much better than most movies b/c all the characters already described. They can bring back Brenda and continue the show...I do understand why this show is cancelled those.
01/09/18 at 07:22pm

While I didn't care for the part Rusty played on the show, I still thought it was a good show with great story lines and characters.
01/04/18 at 06:35pm

Why was it cancelled loved all the characters good stories
12/26/17 at 07:05pm

Go figure. One of the most popular and most watched shows per TNT and it's ending. I will never understand. It seems I spend less time watching TV then ever before. So many stupid and ridiculous shows that are a waste of time.
12/23/17 at 04:00pm

I love this show and as figured they have cancelled this show and more than likely it will be replaced with something stupid! I am going to start watching netflix from now on
12/21/17 at 06:42am

Please, please, please try to find it in your hearts to continue on with this show !! One of the best on TV and the ensemble cast is just Great !!
12/19/17 at 07:38pm

Great series; why cancel? Will miss all of the characters. Story lines were never boring and well written. Another great show gone; to bad.
11/20/17 at 05:33pm

Gonna miss this show. The actors in their roles will be missed.
10/16/17 at 12:59pm

Oh no. Another good show goes by the wayside. Way to many stupid shows on tv and by far not enough good ones.

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