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A drama following two country singers - one a fading legend, the other a rising young star.

Nashville is where the country's top recording artists lay down tracks, while undiscovered talent are fighting to be heard.

Rayna Jaymes is a country music legend, but after two decades at the top, her fame is starting to fade. Refusing to be pushed aside by her record label in an ever-evolving industry, Rayna struggles to stay relevant and searches for ways to reinvent herself.

Juliette Barnes is a young, sassy, up-and-coming crossover artist with a troubled past. She is determined to take Rayna's spot at the top, but her public image is threatened by circumstances out of her control.

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Heidi Clark
Posted 07/06/17 at 21:42:00

Nothing but about the music just gay crap,the writers must be gay too.
Posted 06/17/17 at 18:45:50

No Rayna, no Nashville. Cancel it.
Posted 06/03/17 at 11:45:22

Turned into a drama-fest without the Rayna James character
mike dobey
Posted 04/10/17 at 16:09:45

Congrats on a good show getting renewed on cmt. Awesome Donovan , you were wrong! Thankfully.
Posted 03/21/17 at 16:22:30

Canceled by ABC, I see it canceled by CMT also, one season be prepared.
Posted 03/10/17 at 01:07:00

So glad this show came back, the writers on CMT really put the show back on track..... Spoiler alert stop reading if you haven't seen episode 10 yet..... Just when I'm getting back into the show and enjoying it, they kill off Connie Britton, the show defiantly might be canceled again. I know she said she's looking for a fresh new role but couldn't she figure that out before starting a new comeback season. Very disappointed, but I'll still watch lol
Posted 01/05/17 at 15:52:24

Really bad show lots of good shows cancelled and they bring back bollocks like this
Posted 06/20/16 at 18:25:28

Wife really likes this one, I kinda like it, but get tired of the characters falling in and out of love depending on which way the toilet paper hung over the roll.
CMT was once good for country music, perhaps they can tone down the sappy ballads for some more traditional country music.
It will be interesting to see if the network has the gravitas to retain Hayden Panettiere & Connie Britton. I'm figuring one or perhaps two more episodes at best.
Posted 06/16/16 at 17:20:36

king of kings they are bringing it back
Posted 06/16/16 at 15:43:43

great news! At first I thought they could have ended this show this season but not with that cliffhanger. I'm glad this shows getting a second chance.

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Genre: Drama

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Hayden Panettiere (Juliette)
Connie Britton (Rayna)
Sam Palladio (Gunnar)
Robert Wisdom (Coleman)
Powers Boothe (Lamar)
Jonathan Jackson (Avery)
Eric Close (Teddy)
Clare Bowen (Scarlett)
Charles Esten (Deacon)