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A drama following two country singers - one a fading legend, the other a rising young star.

Nashville is where the country's top recording artists lay down tracks, while undiscovered talent are fighting to be heard.

Rayna Jaymes is a country music legend, but after two decades at the top, her fame is starting to fade. Refusing to be pushed aside by her record label in an ever-evolving industry, Rayna struggles to stay relevant and searches for ways to reinvent herself.

Juliette Barnes is a young, sassy, up-and-coming crossover artist with a troubled past. She is determined to take Rayna's spot at the top, but her public image is threatened by circumstances out of her control.

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Posted 03/31/16 at 20:19:20

Best show on tv. Hate the long gaps between shows
Beryle Prestopine
Posted 02/12/16 at 12:03:07

it is the best show on tv don't take it off. can't wait until Wed night to watch it
Posted 10/29/15 at 09:32:17

I'm getting sick of this Juliette. Write her out!
janis bursford
Posted 09/16/15 at 23:28:17

I am not normally a fan of these sort of shows......but I love Nashville. I love the music so much so I have downloaded some of the songs.I have watched all 3 season's invested lots of time in watching it. If you have to cancel can you at least give all us Nashville fans closer.I have got all my friends watching this in the UK.I want to know if deacon and raynor get the happy ending and that goes for all the rest of the cast.
Posted 06/08/15 at 13:30:30

Love this how, hooked on it from the start! DO NOT Cancel please!!!! :-)
Crystal brewer
Posted 05/27/15 at 19:26:23

Please don't cancel this show it is the best show ever I look forward to see Wednesday come
Crystal brewer
Posted 05/27/15 at 19:23:02

This is the best show ever I look so forward to see Wednesday come so I can watch it I am so hooked please cont cancel
Mary hammontree
Posted 05/23/15 at 14:03:15

Please do not cancel Nashville, one of the best on TV now!!!!!!?
sheree showalter
Posted 05/10/15 at 14:04:00

I love Nashville.I do not watch a lot of television,but I love this show.Please renew this show.I tune in every week.I tape eachweek and rewatch each episode.
Posted 05/07/15 at 14:55:27

Don't cancel Nashville, we Love it

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Genre: Drama

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Hayden Panettiere (Juliette)
Connie Britton (Rayna)
Sam Palladio (Gunnar)
Robert Wisdom (Coleman)
Powers Boothe (Lamar)
Jonathan Jackson (Avery)
Eric Close (Teddy)
Clare Bowen (Scarlett)
Charles Esten (Deacon)