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A drama following two country singers - one a fading legend, the other a rising young star.

Nashville is where the country's top recording artists lay down tracks, while undiscovered talent are fighting to be heard.

Rayna Jaymes is a country music legend, but after two decades at the top, her fame is starting to fade. Refusing to be pushed aside by her record label in an ever-evolving industry, Rayna struggles to stay relevant and searches for ways to reinvent herself.

Juliette Barnes is a young, sassy, up-and-coming crossover artist with a troubled past. She is determined to take Rayna's spot at the top, but her public image is threatened by circumstances out of her control.

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Posted 04/03/15 at 08:15:08

please, please, please renew this show! My absolute favorite show of all time! Love it!!
Posted 04/02/15 at 10:22:36

It's great show I love it so much please rewnew it for a fourth season
Posted 03/10/15 at 01:58:50

This is honestly such a great show for showing the struggles country artists have. I absolutely love the raw talent this show provides and the excellent a cast of people that are so passionate about delivering a strong and inspiring message. This show deserves to continue and if it’s cancelled I will be so mad and so will the rest of my family who are avid viewers of the show and listeners of the music. Black Roses by Clare Bowen was one of the best songs I’ve ever heard!!!! DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!
Posted 03/03/15 at 14:53:07

Don't cancel my show. I can't wait till Wednesday to see the show. I pvr it just to rewatch it. Not many shows that the whole family can agree on.
Posted 02/02/15 at 18:18:58

Everyone keeps saying they want Nashville renewed for more seasons, Hell we'd be happy just to see a new episode in the current season! This show has been on the renew/cancel bubble from the start, leaving it languishing for 8 weeks is no good way of holding a fan base. Consistently below a 1.5 in ratings makes this one fodder for replacement.
Jeff yasick
Posted 11/29/14 at 10:29:31

Get more seasons
Posted 05/13/14 at 01:18:49

Quality show - excellent acting - compelling story lines - fabulous music. I hope this show continues - there is some unbelievable talent and music writing in this show. I love this show because it is interesting, fun for the whole family, dramatic, and has a great cast! This is such a great music show in addition - nothing else like it - please keep it going!
Posted 05/09/14 at 08:16:36

Really enjoy this show, with the ups and downs for the various characters. The music is fun to listen to. I didn't think the M. Obama scene was a big deal, and I'm not an Obama fan. It was about thanking the troops for their sacrifices. How can you gripe about that? Keep this show; there are too many totally stupid shows out there.
Posted 05/08/14 at 22:09:38

Our president's wife needs to be helping causes that better our country and aiding her husband. She doesn't belong on all of these television shows she keeps popping up on! I can't imagine the money they waste on all of their protection at all of these celebrity parties, basketball games, and television shows they are continuously seen at! It seems that they are the only ones who seem to think our country is in fine shape and doesn't need them to be doing their jobs! I'm quite frankly sick of seeing them doing everything except doing the job of our President and the First Lady! I've never seen any other President and First Lady represent themselves this way in the past, and hope I never do again in the future! I certainly won't be watching!
US Citizen
Posted 05/07/14 at 14:36:35

Will not be watching the show when M Obama is on. Cant stand her in real life, let alone a story.
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Genre: Drama

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Hayden Panettiere (Juliette)
Connie Britton (Rayna)
Sam Palladio (Gunnar)
Robert Wisdom (Coleman)
Powers Boothe (Lamar)
Jonathan Jackson (Avery)
Eric Close (Teddy)
Clare Bowen (Scarlett)
Charles Esten (Deacon)