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Panic 911

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Network: A&E

A documentary series that reenacts events of 9-1-1 calls.

Episodes reenact actual calls to 9-1-1 by using the calls to narrate the events, as well as interviews with the parties involved.

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Comments (17)

Michelle Alexander
Posted 01/04/17 at 19:31:08

Just saw that they are bringing a new show called "Murder call" on the ID Channel, which is about 911 calls but they cant bring back the best show ever...Panic 911?!?!? What the hell?!? Bring back Panic 911 please and thank you!
Posted 12/05/16 at 09:11:01

Great show, please bring it back!!!
Posted 11/26/16 at 13:54:41

Best show ever
Bring it back please
Posted 11/19/16 at 16:05:09

Really thought the show premise was dumb. But after watching, was hooked. Please bring it back.
Posted 11/11/16 at 19:50:25

This was the best show ever !!!
Tracy an eric
Posted 11/09/16 at 21:18:55

Show was amazing...please bring back!
Posted 08/08/16 at 04:34:45

This show was so engrossing. Please bring it back!
Posted 05/28/16 at 16:47:18

Please bring this show back. Loved it so much. It's impossible to not wanna watch this show
Posted 04/29/16 at 16:53:31

Panic 911 will return 2018 or 2019
Posted 03/05/16 at 05:33:02

Please bring the show back, it's amazing television.'s impossible to remove yourself from the show when watching it...gripping, heart pounding, terrifying, all consuming! Absolutely love the show.

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