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Panic 911

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Network: A&E

A documentary series that reenacts events of 9-1-1 calls.

Episodes reenact actual calls to 9-1-1 by using the calls to narrate the events, as well as interviews with the parties involved.

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Comments (27)

Posted 08/02/17 at 12:49:10

How stupid could you be to cancel an excellent show like this!??
Posted 06/09/17 at 08:32:29

Please bring back panic 911 it is such an awesome show!!!! I don't understand why it was canceled
Posted 05/11/17 at 17:35:55

This was the most thrilling, on the edge of your seat, nail biting, realistic show I have ever seen and I just saw it for the first time on the Justice Channel last Saturday. Please make new episodes!!! It felt like I was really there and helped give me do's and don'ts in certain senarios. Could be a lifesaver!!! PLEASE bring this awesome show back. It should have a channel all it's own.
Posted 04/12/17 at 01:46:27

Please for the love of God bring back Panic 9-1-1.
Posted 03/31/17 at 16:50:24

Really great show why cancelled? Please bring back
Posted 03/12/17 at 19:24:51

Why did u take 911 off great show could learn people what to do and what not to do Please put back on
Chris L Lang
Posted 02/08/17 at 21:17:50

PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! Bring Back Panic 9-1-1 !!!! It is the most addictive, fantastic, thrilling, addicting show I have ever watched on television and I have been going through withdrawals awaiting it's return to my tv screen.
America deserves Great, Entertaining Television
art cisneros
Posted 02/05/17 at 11:56:20

it is unreal that you would cancel panic 911 that is good as homicide hunter if not better easily a 4 star show pathetic really
Posted 02/04/17 at 23:53:22

That show was better than any other show on air... Please bring it back
Posted 01/28/17 at 15:56:27

Can't believe they cancelled panic 911.. why did they do it ? it was a bad ass show but they keep all this other reality garbage.. at least investigation discovery has good shows going.

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