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A crime drama following a neuroscientist who assists with FBI cases.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric, yet talented, neuroscientist. So talented, in fact, that he is enlisted by the FBI to help solve some of their most complex cases. There, Dr. Pierce works on a team including one of his former students who has joined the bureau, as well as his teaching assistant and best friend.

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Posted 04/25/15 at 07:30:15

I did not see the ending. I loved this show. Would like to see it come back.
Robert Sujka
Posted 04/25/15 at 06:08:24

I wish that I had some control over cancellation because Perception would not be one of them. Keep it on cuz it really is a quality show.
Kara Moore
Posted 04/13/15 at 14:15:18

Why is it you cancel the good shows "Perception and Longmire" and keep some the crap shows. I use to like your channel but not any more. Bye Bye!!!!!
Posted 03/28/15 at 18:53:55

Absolutely one of the best shows on television today. How they can take this off and renew some of the reality crap amazes me. Isn't there some way another network could pick this up?
Posted 03/26/15 at 10:33:34

PLEASE don't cancel the BEST TELEVISION SHOW on the entire world!!!!! Eric McCormack is fabulous as Dr.Pierce: I hope the T.V. network Brass is paying attention. Moreover, the entire cast is an Emmy Award ensemble. I hope this is being read by someone,and that the audience opinion does matter. its the best written show for those people out there that were told they weren't "NORMAL" by someone in their lives.
Posted 03/25/15 at 16:37:23

I have just been watching the past shows on Crave TV and I am hooked. Please do not cancel this show, it is the one thing that made me feel that there is hope out there for anyone who is different.
Posted 03/22/15 at 16:01:27

Please don't cancel this show! Take off the ridiculous reality shows that are taking over all the channels.
Posted 03/20/15 at 04:58:16

Why is this show being cancelled. The terrible reality shows should be cancelled. Perception is a great show. TNT has really nothing left worth watching. Stupid mistake.
Posted 03/18/15 at 06:10:42

I love this show. It an intelligent crime drama. Please don't cancel.
MaryAnn Rapuano
Posted 03/17/15 at 18:08:09

This is a great show - how can you cancel this - the writing is great, Eric McCormack plays a great character. Please reconsider this decision. Please.
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Eric McCormack (Daniel)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Kate)
Arjay Smith (Max)
Kelly Rowan (Natalie)