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A crime drama following a neuroscientist who assists with FBI cases.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric, yet talented, neuroscientist. So talented, in fact, that he is enlisted by the FBI to help solve some of their most complex cases. There, Dr. Pierce works on a team including one of his former students who has joined the bureau, as well as his teaching assistant and best friend.

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Posted 01/23/15 at 16:45:50

I just saw a commercial advertising all new Perception starting February 17th!
Posted 12/22/14 at 23:58:27

this one was always on the edge of annoying/maybe intriguing. can't say I'll miss it cuz annoying usually won out.
Just Keith
Posted 11/18/14 at 22:57:10

It's about time. My wife liked the show, so I watched it with her. What a whiny, arrogant, jerk. That show couldn't go away soon enough.
Posted 11/15/14 at 18:12:31

Well I guessing it took awhile for "the network" to decide, they didn't like it ... we liked it, how bout us HUH !!!
Posted 08/23/14 at 13:40:29

Love this show, but hope that during the hiatus the writers can cut out the derogatory references to Christ and God. The last few weeks seem to have been more blatant. Show some respect for others' beliefs, guys, even if you don't believe that way yourself. If your writers need that kind of language to tell the story, then maybe I don't need to watch it anymore. You have one of the few shows where the background music doesn't overpower the words. At times this season I wished it had.
Posted 07/30/14 at 18:07:29

This show will follow in the footsteps of so many others and be canceled because the writers insist on offending half their audience. Once making a political statement became more important than writing a good story, the show was doomed.
Posted 06/01/13 at 06:47:29

In defense of Laura, the very fact so many of you have described her as "nuts" reveals your own nation destroying liberalism. So suck it lemmings!
I like watching Perception because I have always thought Rachael Leigh Cook (Kate) was hot. I could care less about the guy, whatever his name is.
I seldom pay any attention to expressed views offered by some Hollyweirdo weenies standing atop their TV soapboxes.
Same as I feel about most folks in the music industry. IOW, if their songs have a catchy beat, I enjoy it. Could care less about the content of the lyrics.
Posted 05/18/13 at 16:40:51

Yea! I'm so happy this show has not been cancelled! I'm very sad that Monday Morning and Red Widow were cancelled. I miss Lie to Me! Loving The Following and Hannibal! Laura , you are nuts!
Posted 05/17/13 at 12:51:50

Perception is back June 25th, sorry Laura!
Posted 05/12/13 at 12:16:30

Laura you lost me when you stopped talking about the show and insulting everything from the president, to then the minds of everyone who chooses to use them. If you had an ounce of intelligence you would realize that the show has absolutely nothing to do with anything you mentioned. I think its time to take the tinfoil off your little conshapped head and start to enjoy life. Your starting to freak people out. I will help most of the world out by telling them its the voices in your head.. :)
Did you see that.. its a tip to the show.. My family and I absolutely love this show and think the actors were spot on for it. I can only hope to see it back on the network soon. I have noticed that a majority of the good shows have gone to television heaven. Maybe they will get rid of the degrading "reality" television and go back to basics.
Until then you might actually like castle or bones. but as far as the perception of things. hannibal is okay too.
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Eric McCormack (Daniel)
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