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A crime drama following a neuroscientist who assists with FBI cases.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric, yet talented, neuroscientist. So talented, in fact, that he is enlisted by the FBI to help solve some of their most complex cases. There, Dr. Pierce works on a team including one of his former students who has joined the bureau, as well as his teaching assistant and best friend.

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Posted 03/05/15 at 13:55:59

really great show sorrTo see it Cancelled. . Bad enough they only do 10 episodes a season..then you have to wait another 6 months to see your show. What are the networks thinking?
Posted 03/05/15 at 06:17:12

This show is still on the air with new episodes on tnt.
Posted 03/04/15 at 18:34:24

This is an Awesome show. I really wonder if the ratings dropped or if some how there are glitches in the ratings systems so that some shows are cancelled. I would hope even if it shows cancelled that they do take a look at things and maybe another channel buys the show. Only problem is most of the channels are owned by the same dam company. This show is different, exciting showing how the mind can work in a different way to solve things. The characters are great and I do not believe that the ratings went down. I really think its just the big CHEESE Head in charge saying that to put something else on. Keep this show going. I really do wonder if anyone actually important reads all the comments and back lash for cancelling shows or if its just a waste of time. I will still keep venting so that hopefully we are heard.
Randy Miller
Posted 02/20/15 at 07:24:47

TNT cancels Perception and renews The Librarians. Go figure. Somebody down there is smoking toooo much crack!
Posted 02/18/15 at 14:57:35

I was shocked & relieved to see it back on last night!YYAY
Posted 02/18/15 at 09:25:21

I absolutely love this show. I have not had cable or internet for I don't even know how long and I am finally able to watch again only to find out that one of my favorite shows is being cancelled! I love how you can delve into the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic and how it shows just because you have a mental illness does not mean that you cannot be intelligent! I don't understand how a great show like perception can be cancelled yet survivor is going on 30 seasons!
Posted 02/12/15 at 18:51:35

After the final episode there is absolutely no reason to watch TNT. This was the only half way decent show they still showed.
Posted 02/08/15 at 08:29:01

I think they're just finishing out the completed episodes.
Veronica Lynn
Posted 02/04/15 at 17:19:30

One of my favorite shows. Interesting and educational at the same time. It seems like any television show that causes you to think and utilize a vocabulary with words containing more than 2 syllables is cancelled.
There is something very wrong here in America. Idiotic reality programs are renewed and thought provoking programs are cancelled. We need to raise our standards.
I purchased the first season on DVD and plan to purchase the rest as soon as I can afford it so I can still enjoy watching the programs.
Posted 01/23/15 at 16:45:50

I just saw a commercial advertising all new Perception starting February 17th!
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Eric McCormack (Daniel)
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