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Network: NBC

A sci-fi drama following an unlikely trio who set out to save the world after 15 years of darkness.

15 years ago, the world's power shut off. Computers, phones, lights, cars, airplanes - everything suddenly went black without explanation.

Fast forward to present day, where a strong-willed young woman named Charlie, along with her uncle and a rogue band of survivors, set out to rescue her brother, overthrow the militia, and re-establish the United States of America.

Along the way, they explore the mystery of why the power failed, and if it will ever return.

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Posted 08/09/16 at 01:27:38

Posted 04/28/16 at 08:16:08

I loved this show so much!!! It was gold! But then NBC cancels the show and claims low ratings. It sucks how they left season 2 with a cliff hanger when the company knows its going to be cancelled.
Carol T
Posted 09/12/15 at 15:54:02

I agree you should have given it a proper ending!!
Barb Gilley
Posted 12/28/14 at 21:19:30

You have got to be complete and utter idiots for canceling this wonderful show!
I am so tired of trusting these networks and becoming involved with these shows just to them cancelled! So done!!!!!!
Posted 12/25/14 at 09:56:54

I agree with Peggy, also. Cancelled shows should get a 3 (or so) episode arc to end. Last Resort comes to mind--not very satisfying, but completed. Go, Peggy!
Posted 11/13/14 at 14:58:53

Willy Wonka was a crazy Chocolate Factory owner just like these NBC exec's. Don't expect a logical answer to why it was cancelled. Just eat more chocolate.
Mary Duff
Posted 11/09/14 at 14:17:44

It would be great if the company putting these shows on could have 2-3 viewings to put an appropriate ending to the shows that get canceled. It would be nice for all included. I know I would think more of the networks if this was put in force.
Posted 11/04/14 at 18:42:52

Posted 10/23/14 at 11:23:42

Revolution is the one show my husband and I would watch together. So disappointed that it was cancelled. I feel like it should at least get a proper ending. Like so many other shows I have liked that have been cancelled, the viewer is left hanging. Almost ready to quit watching new shows because everything I like gets cancelled. I wish the show could have had a planned ending. Also very sad about Raising Hope.
Posted 10/15/14 at 21:38:29

Why would you cancel such a great show with great actors. It seems like if you can act then they cancel the shows & the ones that can't act (reality shows) stay on. PLEASE SOMEONE PICK THIS UP!!!!!!

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Billy Burke (Miles)
Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie)
Daniella Alonso (Nora)
Giancarlo Esposito (Tom)
Tim Guinee (Ben)
Maria Howell (Grace)
David Lyons (Bass)
Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel)
Zak Orth (Aaron)
JD Pardo (Nate)