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A sitcom following a long-term bachelor who finds love.

Rob is a perennial bachelor who finally falls in love with a beautiful woman name Maggie. Now he must learn to adapt to spending time with her close-knit Mexican-American family.

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Posted 01/01/13 at 12:54:31

This show was funny! too bad :(
Michael B
Posted 11/08/12 at 16:19:58

Since this is yet another show that I watch(ed) that got cancelled this year, either I'm an idiot that watches crap or these network morons are cutting good shows for top ratings only and not caring that audiences can actually grow if the writing is there. This show was cool. Funny watching the dynamic of a nerdy white guy trying to win over a tough Hispanic family. Cheech! Damn shame this is canx.
Posted 10/15/12 at 18:23:56

Another Victim of the Network Nitwits..!!
This show was actually Funny..!!
Posted 08/23/12 at 09:54:28

I'm a pretty hard sell when it comes to new shows...Keep in mind I'm the type who finds a couple of shows and that it..I have seen every episode of Kig of Queens, Seinfeld,George Lopez and M*A*S*H probably 50 times...but I liked this show, they used to give shows a little time to find their niche...and its too bad that we are losing so many sit-coms to "reality" trash...I think it speaks volumes of todays viewers...We never got to see earl finish his list, we never found out if Greg and Kim moved in with Jimmy and Christine..and we will likely never find out "How he met their mother"
Posted 05/19/12 at 06:26:34

Eugenio Derbez sucks big time.
Posted 05/14/12 at 21:28:29

I love this show. It is so cute. All the characters compliment each other. Please don't cancel the show.
michael lannen
Posted 05/13/12 at 01:58:02

I am surprised at the negative comments of Rob, I found the show funny,you could replace Rob with another actor but show's dont do that and after all it is suposed to be about someone who does not understand Hispanic culture and has to adjust to it. I agree the cast is excellent and the networks again are being insane. The show hasent been on for weeks it probably will be given a time change, messed with and then canceled what a waste of time tallent and total disrespect to us as viuers changing things messing with us again.We are their meal ticket they need to have respect for us keep us in the lupe when contemplating changing and ask us our opinions, without us they are dumbed. I keep hearing more people reverting to the net to watch show's saying good buy to network ****ups.
True Grit
Posted 05/12/12 at 18:29:18

Get rid of Rob Schneider. The rest of the cast are great actors with the potential to deliver a classy comedy. They are too talented to be cast as stereotypical hispanics supported an anglo lead who is not their equal.
Posted 05/12/12 at 03:59:44

Sadly, I think Rob is doomed. This is how networks kill good shows. They take it off the air for a long time with nary a word of explanation and then bring it back months later with no announcement. Then, before fans of the show even realize the show is back, they cancel it due to "poor ratings" (a la NBC's Chase).
steven buium
Posted 05/02/12 at 18:36:58

"best friend"

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Genre: Comedy

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Rob Schneider (Rob)
Claudia Bassols (Maggie)
Cheech Marin (Fernando)
Diana Maria Riva (Rosa)
Eugenio Derbez (Hector)
Lupe Ontiveros (Abuelita)