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Tattoo Nightmares

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Network: Spike

A reality series following tattoo artists specializing in fixing up bad tattoos.

In this reality show, people who have ended up with terrible tattoos seek the help of three of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them up.

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Comments (8)

Posted 08/15/17 at 20:37:02

Tattoo nightmares is one of the best shows on tattooing. If you are renewing Ink Masters, you need to renew Tattoo Nightmares. Please bring it back!!!!!!
Posted 08/09/17 at 18:06:57

Does Jasmine only have the one blue top?
Nora A Santos
Posted 08/02/17 at 22:57:18

I love tattoo nightmares when is it coming back?? Did they cancel the show???
Posted 07/19/17 at 00:13:38

Where can I apply to get a cover up
Posted 07/11/17 at 21:52:16

I love watching the show but are new episodes ever coming on?
Sandra Wildes
Posted 07/10/17 at 17:08:19

My husband has a tattoo on his back and it is so bad. Every time I look at it I just see a tigers butt hole.
Posted 01/17/15 at 19:07:38

Jasmine is so freakin beautiful and sweet! :D
Posted 08/11/13 at 13:01:07

Love this show. Would love to get a tattoo cover-up by any of them.

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Genre: Reality

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