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A drama following a single mom working at a massage parlor.

Riley Parks is a single mother of two who has fallen into financial debt after being left by her husband. After taking a job at a local day spa, she soon comes to find that there is more going on there than innocent massages.

Needing her job to provide for her family, Riley continues to help run the shady business while balancing her family life at the same time.

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Posted 09/20/14 at 11:08:52

I really loved this show, the characters and the story line. Why this show was pulled is beyond me. It was something I looked forward to every Sunday night during it's season. I don't like it when a show ends and we never know what would have happened, like reading a book halfway then tossing it.
Posted 08/28/14 at 02:48:44

Another good show gone. Hey people instead of complaining lets do something about it. Boycott the channel and their affiliates. They'll just put reality show on in its place. Come on people, lets do something about it!!!!
Posted 08/26/14 at 10:07:10

Love this show. Would love to see it back on the air
Posted 05/24/14 at 19:04:51

Thank God they cancelled this one. Seriously stupid! Please bring back the Ghost Whisperer! Loved that one!
Posted 01/13/14 at 12:23:52

hear we go again take a nother good show off and put something stupied on in it place please put it back on it was just getting good now I love watching it now I can't watch it because yall toke it off the air that ant right it ant fair please put it back on
elizabeth clagg
Posted 01/07/14 at 17:03:37

cant they come to an arrangement after the baby
this is a cool show
Posted 12/20/13 at 19:21:06

Booooooo! I loved this show. Too bad producers and JLove couldn't agree to disagree
Posted 11/13/13 at 19:57:23

love the show please dont canncel
Posted 11/01/13 at 21:59:30

maybe, they can renew army wives now again :)
Posted 10/18/13 at 15:06:18

I heard it was canceled due to her having a baby
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Genre: Drama

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Jennifer Love Hewitt (Riley)
Loretta Devine (Georgia)
Colin Egglesfield (Evan)
Rebecca Field (Lacey)
Naturi Naughton (Selena)
Kathleen York (Jolene)
Cybill Shepherd (Lynette)