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A procedural drama following a man who uses his unique gift to help others recover what they've lost.

Walter is a war veteran who has a reputation as being adept at tracking down insurgents, deserters, and improvised explosive devices. Unfortunately, Walter found one device a little too late, causing him to injured so badly that he lapsed into a coma for two months from the brain damage he incurred.

When Walter woke from his coma, he was honorably discharged and returned home. With his life is now dramatically different than before his accident, he discovers that his brain damage has transformed him from someone skilled at recovering things into something extraordinary: a Finder.

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Posted 08/03/16 at 08:07:04

Bring back a show like this! I loved it.
Posted 11/23/13 at 18:48:26

I loved this show and when I found out it there was just one season, it was heartbreaking. There is so much that could have been done with this show. The plot was magnificent. I hope they find a way to bring it back....but one can only hope.
Posted 06/20/13 at 09:31:13

I saw the episode of "Bones' that introduced the characters from "The Finder" and immediately set out to find the show. Finding it on Netflix was bittersweet. Someone, PLEASE bring this awesome show BACK!
Posted 06/12/13 at 16:09:16

The show was cancelled in May of 2012.
Michael Clark Duncan passed away in Sept. 2012.
The 2 had nothing to do with one another.
Posted 06/11/13 at 22:26:46

Guys it was cancelled because Michael Clarke Duncan died :(
Posted 05/31/13 at 23:23:55

I just watched all of the episodes on Netflix... I actually looked up online to see when it was on and what channel... I was shocked to see it was canceled... This cant be right this show was awesome it had the makings to be huge.... Is it to late to bring it back? A show that I could actually watch with my family...
Posted 05/26/13 at 15:04:23

PLEASE put the Finder back on!! It was funny, family friendly, and kind of problematic! C: so pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease put it back on!!!!!
Posted 05/25/13 at 20:36:39

Would absolutely love another season, bring back The Finder, Family Guy style:)
Posted 05/17/13 at 15:32:32

I too really enjoyed the finder and would love to see this come back. The quirkiness gave it the attraction needed. It would be easy to write in a script for Leo being gone and make someone else roll into the new assistant.
Posted 05/08/13 at 14:04:06

What everybody else said.
Even though it's not true, not all of it. Fringe was, actually, much better. Not nearly as depressing as when they cancelled Firefly, because I assumed it was cancelled before I saw it... Still, why can't we get at least four seasons out of a show like this? Guhk.
All y'all need to start focusing on the idea of the great fare we're getting... if we look for, "all the greats get cancelled" we'll just kill more shows... Learn the Law Of Attraction and use it! ;-)

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Genre: Drama

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Geoff Stults (Walter)
Michael Clarke Duncan (Leo)
Saffron Burrows (Ike)
Mercedes Masohn (Isabel)
Maddie Hasson (Willa)