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The Firm

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Network: NBC

A legal drama created as a continuation of the John Grisham novel and movie of the same name.

This updated adaptation picks up the story of Mitch McDeere and his family ten years following the events where McDeere helped take down a shady law firm that protected an organized crime syndicate.

Mitch has now resurfaced, out of witness protection, and has built a law practice of his own. However more trouble finds him when a mysterious new firm takes an interest in Mitch and his company.

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Comments (100)

Posted 05/22/13 at 15:29:18

Sorry to see this one cancelled. Another good show gone.
larry davis
Posted 04/11/13 at 12:40:20

PLEASE!!! bring back "the firm". it's not fair to just cancell it without bringing it to a conclusion. I don't know if I will ever get interested in another cbs show again. It's not too late.
The Great and Powerful Oz
Posted 03/15/13 at 15:28:09

A few shows from the past that would have failed by today's standards are Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends and the classic so many of us loved called I Love Lucy.
Those shows started off with ratings that would have gotten them canceled in this era. Thank goodness those shows were given a fair chance. I know Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends entertained me in my time and reruns of I Love Lucy have been fun for a long time for me as well.
While I like some reality shows they for the most part are full of pure immoral trash and poor values.
Yes shows like Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends were not what one would call virtuous but they sure did not go to the extremes that many reality shows do these days.
sandy linder
Posted 02/07/13 at 02:20:48

Please bring The Firm back, it was one of the only great shows on Saturday nights, my husband I are in our 50's, so we don't go out on weekends, I looked forward to having something really good to watch on Saturday, please bring it back.
Theresa Hebert
Posted 01/13/13 at 06:17:48

We have waited all summer for the new season to start so we could find out what happened on the Firm. It is frustrating for the network to cancel this show and leave the public hanging. It ought to be mandatory that when a new show starts that it should have at least two seasons to prove itself. This is the first tv series that we have watched weekly in years. I like other people that have posted have no intention of getting "hooked" in any more tv series. It only leaves you disappointed!
Posted 12/09/12 at 05:01:01

I continue to see great shows cancelled; not sure if the peoples interest is well satified by the network. What will be required to prevent this in the future.
Ramon Roman
Posted 12/08/12 at 18:29:34

I hope they bring it back. Such a good show butit did not even get a chance for many viewers people to know it was running. It din't get the promotion it needed.
Posted 12/07/12 at 17:54:58

didi winkler
Posted 11/25/12 at 19:32:00

bring it back awake too. stop cancelling the good stuff.bring it back!!!!!!
Posted 11/16/12 at 06:35:19

one last food-for-thought for the producers of this, by pulling the plug without a proper "ending" to it you damage greatly interest in the DVD release of Season One.
You have definitely damaged MINE! Why buy something KNOWING in advance, the last episode is going to leave you hanging?

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Josh Lucas (Mitch)
Molly Parker (Abby)
Callum Keith Rennie (Ray)
Juliette Lewis (Tammy)
Natasha Calis (Claire)
Tricia Helfer (Alex)