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The Glass House

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Network: ABC

An interactive reality competition involving contestants living in a house made of glass.

The Glass House is an interactive reality series where viewers help decide the fates of the contestants living secluded inside a glass house, where cameras are recording their every move.

Each week a resident is evicted with input from the viewers, who will also dictate what the contestants wear, what they eat, and where in the house they sleep.

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Comments (7)

Posted 01/02/16 at 00:40:45

i knew this show would not last but it was to fast paced. BIG BROTHER IS THE KING OF REALITY TV TO ME.
Big Brother Fan
Posted 06/06/14 at 00:54:28

i liked this show but big brother is and always will be my favorite
Posted 10/15/13 at 21:55:42

I'm not surprised that this show had gotten cancelled. I had a feeling that it wasn't going to last long.
Posted 06/30/13 at 11:26:53

This show was cancelled
Posted 05/20/13 at 23:15:45

this was a great show and should have stayed on but it \s too much like big brother competitions every week and one is evicted or elimanted loved the glass house but love BIG BROTHER Even More
Primetime Blabber
Posted 03/12/13 at 13:08:58

I hope this copycat Big Brother show stays gone.... no more stupid reality shows, especially copycats.
Posted 10/13/12 at 10:12:42

I hope this show comes back bigger and better

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Genre: Reality

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