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A daytime talk show hosted by Jeff Probst.

This hour-long talk show, hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst, features stories about people living to the fullest and being open to every opportunity they get.

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Comments (12)

Posted 07/01/13 at 16:33:48

Please reconsider Jeff's show on at 9 am. Elly says it all, exactly. The only thing is the last show when Yvette Nicole Brown was tearing and they were running down her cheeks, so was I, only mine was the real crying.
Give it another try. Yvette Nicole Brown is a great co-host to have on.
Posted 05/21/13 at 07:07:22

I love Jeff and love the format of his show. Someone above hit the nail on the head. If it isn't trashy talk
and gossip, it doesn't seem to make. Shows where the American Public minds and soul have sunk to, doesn't it? Sorry to see it go. I watch it most mornings when I can.
Posted 04/30/13 at 08:10:44

Didn't like Jeff taking over Ellen's timeslot. Didn't watch him for while. But over time, I would see what the show was about, and have been so impressed the past few weeks. Love Yvette Nicole Brown. She is so good for him, and so funny. Like the opening talking, lying game, and the short portions of someone on the show, and some of his guests have such an important thing to say, that no one else would take them. He has some good material for the show, as to who he has on, and some people who have a story to tell. Better than Anderson's show was. Too somber. Think again!
Posted 04/11/13 at 03:44:34

I really like this show for the most part. I was not crazy about the men on the couch segment, but I haven't seen it in awhile. I definitely DO NOT like it when he has those co-hosts. I usually DVRd the show anyway due to work and I would fast forward past the co-hosts until Jeff welcomed the guests. I love the mix of guests (Omarosa NOT someone I could watch for more than about 10 minutes) for the most part and will miss this show.
Joyce Nixon
Posted 04/04/13 at 13:07:45

Watched this show once and was so turned off with the men on the couch segment that I never watched it again. Good riddance!
Posted 04/02/13 at 19:40:27

I only watched this show once and Jeff kept coming at poor Jon Cryer with personal questions about his sex life. Jon tried to deflect, but Jeff wouldn't back down. Didn't make a good impression on me. I'd liked Jeff up to then.
Posted 03/30/13 at 07:27:25

I am so sorry to hear that this show is going off the air. It is one of the real shows that isn't doctor related or judge related. We need more shows like the Jeff Probst show. I started watching this show late in the season, and when I found out they were cancelling the show, I was very upset. Jeff has a "realness" to him. His topics are not talked about to the guest before going on air which makes it more interesting. He has wonderful co-hosts and great stories! I also think that the networks should re-think their decision to cancell this show. You didn't give the new viewers a chance to enjoy the show. This also is a very bad time of the day for a new show to try to get great ratings. Maybe he should try a different time slot!
Posted 03/19/13 at 13:39:58

I love this show, real guests, love the cohosts. Great energy, a boost in the afternoon. Please re think!
Posted 03/17/13 at 10:56:12

please do not cancel this show. This is great show.
The Great and Powerful Oz
Posted 03/14/13 at 20:57:25

These people trying to establish traditional non trashy talk shows should realize that that ship has sailed.
I realize that there have been a few non trashy traditional talk show host who have managed to have a bit of a run but there are too many people wanting a piece of this market. I just don't see people wanting any more new shows and host in the old Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey format.
My guess is that as soon as the currently on air traditional talk show host who aren't Maury or Jerry Springer run their shows course, there will be no more successful talk shows that aren't infused with trashy content.
The talk shows of the future will most likely be along the lines of shows like The Dr's and whatnot.

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