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The L.A. Complex

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Network: CW

A drama following a group of twenty-somethings living in a Los Angeles apartment.

Abby Vargas is an aspiring actress who follows her passion and moves from Toronto to Los Angeles, where she ends up finding like-minded Hollywood dreamers at the Lux Motel complex.

Be it acting, dancing, or producing - everyone has big dreams of success and will push all boundaries to obtain it.

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Posted 02/06/13 at 14:35:08

Love this Show :(
patrick meeks
Posted 01/30/13 at 22:34:41

one of the shows on tv they shöw the reality of hollywood i lve there
Posted 01/02/13 at 14:09:13

So true..the"la complex " was a great show .. Much better than melrose place... People always settle for mediocracy..
Kevin O.
Posted 12/05/12 at 13:18:37

LOL Petitions won't work
Posted 08/26/12 at 21:00:01

Sign this petition if you want a season 3! Then retweet it or share it on your Facebook!
Posted 07/09/12 at 15:37:51

I like Grey's Anatomy just as much as House. They're very different, but still deal with the meacidl dramas. The friendships between the interns and the attendings is great fun to watch. A bit of a soap opera at times, but then so was ER (which I loved, but haven't watched in a few years - actually, since the original cast disappeared).
Posted 06/12/12 at 18:27:44

... um, to the urgh person... there were men kissing eachother on Melrose Place... quit bitching
Posted 06/06/12 at 14:14:37

Also this summer on The CW, THE L.A. COMPLEX returns with the first seven, all-new episodes from its second season, Tuesday, July 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m.). To lead up to its season two premiere, The CW is currently encoring the entire first season of THE L.A. COMPLEX Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 p.m.). Remodeled, starring larger-than-life modeling icon Paul Fisher, will also return to The CW Monday, July 9 (9:00-10:00 p.m.), starting from the beginning and featuring never-before-seen episodes.
Sweet Dimples
Posted 06/04/12 at 10:32:55

I knew this show would get cancelled..There are people arguing with me saying it's staying but I hear it's still getting cancelled..I guess we will just have to wait and find out huh?
Posted 05/29/12 at 19:00:27

I cant deal with all the men kissing each other in this show. Its the only reason i dont wtch it. I just dont want to see that. smh

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Genre: Drama

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Cassie Steele (Abby)
Joe Dinicol (Nick)
Chelan Simmons (Alicia)
Jonathan Patrick Moore (Connor)
Aaron Abrams (Ricky)
Jewel Staite (Raquel)