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TV Tidbit: The final season of The Mindy Project premieres on Tuesday, Sept 12.

The Mindy Project

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On Air: 
Network: Hulu

A comedy following a single physician navigating her way through her personal and professional life.

Mindy is a woman who, despite having a successful career, has always been unlucky in love. She is funny, impatient, and can quote lines from every romantic comedy that Meg Ryan ever starred in. Her goal is to be more punctual, spend less money, lose weight and read more books - all in the hopes of becoming the perfect woman... and date the perfect guy.

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April Sunshine
Posted 03/14/17 at 16:42:27

Omg Fox messed up bad THIS SHOW IS LIKE SEC IN THE CITY BUT BETTER and I didn't want to believe that Mindy is hilarious
Posted 09/15/15 at 20:53:23

Wow! You guys need to watch the first episode on Hulu. Hulu did an amazing job of staying true to the Mindy Project. I'm a fan and the first episode of this new season has me hooked again.
Posted 05/08/15 at 19:17:52

Big mistake Fox big mistake
Posted 05/08/15 at 18:04:13

They tried to keep this junk afloat long enough. Good job coming to your senses.
Posted 05/07/15 at 00:13:37

shocked this is cancelled. This was good show behind new girl. Do fox really this weird loners is better?
Posted 04/27/15 at 09:45:14

Don't cancel The Mindy Project. It's SO funny. Love Mindy, but Chris Messina and the rest of the supporting cast are hilarious too. I love the recent changes.
I know people are going to discover it on Netflix then want more new seasons.
Posted 02/19/15 at 11:41:30

My favorite show on TV...always watch it live, AND DVR it, too! So, many jokes, you have to watch it over and over to catch them all. I love a show like that -- kinda like Arrested Development in that way. It's goofy, but makes you think to catch everything. I hope it stays on for at least another season or two!
Posted 05/12/14 at 08:02:10

This show should be cancelled. It's so boring. I watched it for awhile, but now I'm just bored with it.
Posted 05/09/14 at 22:16:05

I've always had my one comedy show I never miss. Friends, Arrested Development, 30 Rock and now The Mindy Project! I love the humor on this show and all of the characters bring something good/different to the table. Hope this show is on for a very long time.
Posted 03/02/14 at 17:14:15

Love love love Mindy, mostly love Ike's character and wackiness. Loving the love-hate Mindy Danny relationship, not sure how the love-love will work, hope it doesn't get awkward. Please do not Cancel TMP!!!!

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Genre: Comedy

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Mindy Kaling (Mindy)
Chris Messina (Danny)
Ed Weeks (Jeremy)
Ike Barinholtz (Morgan)
Beth Grant (Beverley)
Xosha Roquemore (Tamra)
Fortune Feimster (Colette)