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The Neighbors

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Network: ABC

A comedy following a family who move to a gated community and discover their neighbors are aliens.

The Weavers are a typical New Jersey family who move to a gated community and discover that their new neighbors are aliens who have taken human form and named themselves after famous sports figures in an effort to fit in.

The Weavers try to make sense of the weird new neighbors, and find out that the entire Hidden Hills community is made up of aliens from the planet Zabvron, none of whom have ever lived among humans.

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Rose Marie
Posted 04/17/14 at 22:15:37

Love this show. Please keep it on the air. Very funny.
Posted 04/11/14 at 20:56:21

We just love this show! It is a good start to our weekend!
Posted 04/11/14 at 20:28:33

We love this show. Look forward to it all week and are bummed it only lasts a half hour.
Posted 04/06/14 at 18:19:12

I love this show!
Posted 10/26/13 at 03:15:21

I thought this show was going to be stupid, and I was right. It is stupidly hilarious. This show proves that people still like to laugh at shows that aren't joking about sex and people's lack of morals. I love it, so they better keep it going.
Posted 09/28/13 at 03:48:30

They have outdone themselves. I haven't laughed so much in years. The second show was so funny it made my day. MKL
millie dixson
Posted 09/27/13 at 18:41:05

love this show. can't find it now. what has happened
Posted 06/06/13 at 16:16:50

I am overjoyed "The Neighbors" has been renewed. I find it is "the funniest and most heartwarming show" on TV.
Can't wait to see the new episodes.
Posted 05/11/13 at 13:10:35

I was skeptical when I first saw the show "The Neighbors". However,it soon became a favorite of mine. It is funny, quirky and original. It's a refreshing change from the mundane. I do hope that ABC keeps this great show on the air.
Posted 05/11/13 at 12:18:01

Greatest show ever!
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Genre: Comedy

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Jami Gertz (Debbie)
Lenny Venito (Marty)
Simon Templeman (Larry)
Toks Olagundoye (Jackie)
Clara Mamet (Amber)
Tim Jo (Reggie)
Ian Patrick (Dick)
Max Charles (Max)
Isabella Cramp (Abby)