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Network: ABC

A comedy following two men who dress as women to get a job.

Lee and Angel are two alpha males caught in the recession who decide to try dressing up as women in order to land jobs as pharmaceutical reps.

When they actually land the jobs, the two realize they must now keep the ruse going as long as possible in order to stay employed.

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Posted 04/17/12 at 22:52:55

It's on ABC. What do you expect? You should at least let it run a season because no one got to watch it because it was gone within two episodes. Why even pick up the pilot?
Posted 04/11/12 at 16:57:57

Oh. I didnt even get to see the show,
mike dobey
Posted 01/28/12 at 20:52:37

There's no way this show would ever work. I lasted a few minutes into it. I agree that it was a bad copy of the short lived 1980 tv show 'bosom buddies'. if the guys had remotely been able to look female there would have been some hope for the producers. well; probably not!
Posted 01/12/12 at 23:20:28

This show is just a stupid attempt to copy (somewhat) Bosom Buddies Starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari.

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Genre: Comedy

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Ben Koldyke (Lee)
Amaury Nolasco (Angel)
Beth Lacke (Connie)
John Caparulo (Brian)
Rebecca Mader (Grace)
Rochelle Aytes (Vanessa)
Kate Reinders (Kelly)
Kirstin Eggers (Kristin)
Kacie Lynch (Kat)