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Almost Human

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Network: FOX

A sci-fi drama following a cop paired with a life-like synthetic android in the year 2048.

In 2048 Los Angeles, veteran cop John Kennex returns to the force after being injured in the line of duty. Per a new mandate for all officers, he is reluctantly paired with a synthetic robot that is extremely life-like.

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JDinthe OC
Posted 12/18/14 at 11:31:51

Almost Human and Taxi Brooklyn were two of my favorite shows. Taxi Brooklyn is still up in the air at this point, however I refuse to view any more FOX programs because they consistently bring good shows out only to cancel them before they get a chance to take hold. Fox should stick to morning programming and news content instead of giving us programs we grow to like and then have them yanked away just when they start to get really good. Boo-FOX!
Posted 11/23/14 at 13:08:40

I u wanna save the show go to this petition :
J Gallo Juggalo
Posted 11/14/14 at 09:43:17

This was one of the best shows on fox ,I looked forward to watching this show and I have a Cadillac Dealership to run. Still found time for "Almost Human"
Posted 11/07/14 at 22:30:03

Don't cancel this one - this is great with great stories and plots. I hate reality shows and stupid adult cartoons. Bring this one back!!
Posted 11/04/14 at 17:59:47

I wondered where this show went. I'm almost at the point of now starting to watch shows.Everyone I really like like this one, Revolution, Firefly are shows I looked forward to seeing. Now, if they cancel Game of Thrones, then I'll only have dvd's and Netflix left. No reason for cable
Posted 11/04/14 at 10:12:32

still not watching fox,, I commented before if your listening.. Avoided gang related thank god it got cancelled. Hi fox bring back. I have one of those black boxes also.. Mr nelson not happy with u fox... If there is a fox show i want to watch i use the computer 5 minutes after it airs. no commercials either lol
Time Travel
Posted 10/28/14 at 22:55:42

This was the best TV Show I've seen in years, we're talking this show was the Game of Thrones of Cop shows, I don't like police shows but this show made me like them, this show was movie quality good, they need to bring it back!
Posted 10/21/14 at 19:19:51

WTF are these idiots doing?!!! Fox is completely brain dead! They have messed up their best line-ups.
Posted 10/18/14 at 21:05:38

super show with funny mixed ito serious spots. will miss show
james dollar
Posted 09/23/14 at 12:40:58

Fox has a bad reputation about canceling great shows. The most noteable one was family guy wich they brought back years later and still air to date. Maybe they should instead of looking at the line up that people actually find themselves tuning into view week after week and then pulling the plug on actuall good programming (not saying family guy is good family fun just an example) , they should in fact look at revamping the higher up level or at least look into getting a studio proctologist to remove their heads wich is so firmly lodged up their own anus.
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Karl Urban (John)
Michael Ealy (Dorian)
Minka Kelly (Valerie)
Mackenzie Crook (Rudy)
Michael Irby (Richard)
Lili Taylor (Cpt Maldonado)