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Almost Human

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Network: FOX

A sci-fi drama following a cop paired with a life-like synthetic android in the year 2048.

In 2048 Los Angeles, veteran cop John Kennex returns to the force after being injured in the line of duty. Per a new mandate for all officers, he is reluctantly paired with a synthetic robot that is extremely life-like.

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Posted 10/21/14 at 19:19:51

WTF are these idiots doing?!!! Fox is completely brain dead! They have messed up their best line-ups.
Posted 10/18/14 at 21:05:38

super show with funny mixed ito serious spots. will miss show
james dollar
Posted 09/23/14 at 12:40:58

Fox has a bad reputation about canceling great shows. The most noteable one was family guy wich they brought back years later and still air to date. Maybe they should instead of looking at the line up that people actually find themselves tuning into view week after week and then pulling the plug on actuall good programming (not saying family guy is good family fun just an example) , they should in fact look at revamping the higher up level or at least look into getting a studio proctologist to remove their heads wich is so firmly lodged up their own anus.
Posted 09/21/14 at 21:04:18

Another Fox cancellation. They just love ruining TV. Firefly all over again. I feel the PTSD coming on.
Posted 09/16/14 at 22:56:02

I have read so many requests to bring back All Most Human. Are we being heard? Do we matter to you? If not what does matter? Tell us how to get your ear and we will try.
I had given FOX credit for having on shows for the thinking crowd. Now I'm thinking I was wrong.
My votes: Taxi Brooklyn. Think about it!
Posted 09/15/14 at 20:26:17

Why make this type of series if you have no intention of producing more than 13 episodes. Give these shows a chance to catch on first and then after the first year try polling the fans. This was a very poor decision, just look at the responses from this one site, up to 21 pages of comments all saying that you were wrong. Shame on You.
Julie Z
Posted 09/15/14 at 08:35:47

I just can't believe that Fox can cancell the one great show they have and leave on mind numbing garbage. Sunday night is a waste land on fox was "adult cartoons" not sure about your programming stuff but they need an reallity check on who is watching. I have meetings on Monday night and the first when I get home was to watch Almost Human no matter what time it was. I DVR it so I didn't miss a minute. Now Bones is the only other show I watch on Fox. I watch 16 shows on CBS maybe y0u should hire some of their programming stuff because yours don't have a clue.
Posted 09/13/14 at 10:46:27

'Idiocracy' rules the planet...
Good shows get cancelled, bad shows and reality shows remain...
Mark Simpson
Posted 09/13/14 at 01:22:13

You have to be kidding !! Are the people who make these decisions the same people who decided peanut butter and jelly would be a good idea? I thought not ! Almost Human was obviously expensive to make, but we deserved that after putting up with so much reality garbage night after night, Year after mind numbing year. Bad choices cost money and viewer loyalty, heads should be rolling as we speak !
Posted 09/07/14 at 21:51:13

Are you kidding me?? WTH did this show get cancelled?? I'm so sick of the crappy "reality" shows coming back over and over and the good shows we enjoy getting cancelled all the time. I think it's time I join my friends and cancel tv service and just go to Netflix only. I HATE bachelor and bachelorette and big brother and survivor...all that cheap tv yet they won't go away. Every good show I keep finding keeps getting cancelled...sickened...Please reconsider. Everyone knows you MUST give shows 2-3 seasons to let everyone find and get into it. We live in a DVR world so every one fast forwards thru commercials and doesn't find out about new shows immediately. Rethink this cancellations idiots with the fat wallets and pretty desks
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Karl Urban (John)
Michael Ealy (Dorian)
Minka Kelly (Valerie)
Mackenzie Crook (Rudy)
Michael Irby (Richard)
Lili Taylor (Cpt Maldonado)